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Friday, 29 June 2007
keep it rocking, 7:24 PM


im so lonely and moody today:[ Gary didn't come to school and adelin was in RTP SO IM FREAKING BORED, BORED TO DEATH. i didn't talk much today seriously except for math.
john didn't come to school today so i have no one to talk to.Doze off during chinese.
Bell rang.
Went to cwp with my sis and we have lunch together at horrizon food court.
after that went to catch this movie '' Nancy Drew '' it's was really so cool. the main actress '' Emma robert'' a detective who was trying to slove a mystery about this famous pop star who was killed by someone.

i was no longer that emo after the movie. it changed my mood:]
& Home sweet home.

i want that[:

Sunday, 24 June 2007
keep it rocking, 7:53 PM

Freakingly I slept around 4 and woke up around 2. have been chatting with solques and jas till midnight. jas was crying... on the phone, emotion i guess. sadding about the past huh? cheer up girl(:

School tomorrow.
Fcuking bored.
Damn, having some problem while doing my homework.
see you guys tomorrow.

Friday, 22 June 2007
keep it rocking, 7:05 PM

today gonna accompany john to his mummy office, so woke up at 8 plus. after getting ready we got onto the car and then travel for about 15mins.. then i was keep yawning away hahaha! its still early in the morning ok! then played with my chihuahua agian x)
ate hotcake sasuage for breakfirst again! having a damn bad stomach ache after eating -.- go went to pooo! HAHAHAHA! after that use the comp a tthe office and went online.. after that john play his rc at the carpark lot. hes really an ass hole -.- he kept showing off to me! drifting round and round. but of course he lent me play hhaaha! after that we went to novena sqaure and so call window shopping, we went to some other places as well. we took some photo at the too! haha! having so much fun today with my dearest =p after that went back to the office again. play rc and whatever. so went back to jonathan house at the evening.

took in car rofl.

heres another one


Thursday, 21 June 2007
keep it rocking, 8:58 PM

woke up at 8 in the morning, after getting ready then went and met up daniel at woodgrove... took 912 together and went to civic's mac and have breakfirst together. haha so went to queue up and make my order first.. so i bought hotcake susage and he dont know bought what morning hamburger. the funny thing is when he is eating that hamburger... the egg is still oily and it's dropping bit by bit looks so disgusting! LOL. when we're washing our hand at basin and we took some pic there! haha(: after having breakfirst we went to causeway 7th floor and sit on the banquet table and then i took out my ds and start to play with my chihuahua! hahaha! chit chatted on da table and time flew... dan told me that he need to get home and pack his stuff because his going to chatlet after this.. so next we walk to the interchange and took 912 together, he dropped off at woodgrove busstop and i drop off after his.

i can be a photographer next time x)

Reflection =p

How cool. i was wearing blue tees and then nagatives changed it to red!

Hot cake sasusage.

met up yuhui at 4.30 and went cwp again because we're having lunch together. shopps for awhile then when we're on the way to the foodcourt we saw yimei and his stead.. haaha aiyah dont kpo so much so we find a table and sit down. after eating we went to shop again. i saw this converse bag when im in the the converse shop it's new arrival and its price is($49.90) its quite nice haha. but a sling bag again? forget it. i have lots of sling bag. so walked away and after that yuhui meeting her mummy and i go back.

keep it rocking, 12:55 AM

met joe at 5.40 at blk 529.. and then wait for the uncle to come and collect the stuff. firstly i ask a ''ahma'' if she want to buy any kings ice cream in chinese then she said please speak to me in english then me and shuyan like diao LOL. then this indian girl cheated our feeling :( she said she wannted to buy this ice cream cake and some other ice cream.. then she ask us to go other houses first.. after that we went back to that house and the indian girl say she dont want.. i was like so angry! make us saved that cake for her and end up not buying it. whenn we're going back to vista we saw this group of teenage so we went forward and ask them if they want to buy any, after i asked her she replied '' DONT WANT LA! '' that attitude sucks. lol so shuyan say dont need to care them it's their mouth so we walked away.. heading back to the base.. after giving back the trolly and receiving our pay, we went to take 900 to causeway and luckily when we reached the mrt station the trainn came. we eat so fast and went back to take mrt back to woodlands.. the same thing happened when we reached and the train came.. so back to woodlands and when we're heading to 912 busstop and the same thing happened AGAIN HAHA! so we took only 15mins from woodlands to admarity and back to woodlands so shuyan keep saying '' rolling here and there'' HHAHAA! then she kept disturbing me in the bus. after that she went home and i went to jonathan house. thats all for today x)

Tuesday, 19 June 2007
keep it rocking, 1:21 AM


im so bloody pissed with this blog stuff! i spent so much time on this blog! AND i did nothing -.- especially i dont even know how to change the blog skin! it's 1.39am right now and my brothers are watching this taiwan drama show downstair.

Friday I beeen waiting this NDS LITE from nintendo so desperately. and i finally got it! i went with my sis, and of cuz my sis darling and shuyan! we spent so much time on this bus going to bukit merah and when we get there we all are just keep complaning that our ass hurts! HAAHAA! then we walk to that ecentre. so me and shuyan bought the DS together i choose a black and she choose a white. x)

then after buying DS we went to queensway and then town and then yishun and then causewaypoint! just so many place la! walk until our leg so FRIGGING PAIN. ahah so the next day i stay at home and of course rest!

The blogger ...