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Friday, 28 March 2008
keep it rocking, 2:34 PM

Fucking day.

Thanks you rongying for having breakfirst with me today.
what's wrong with people this days?!
they do know is to '' attitude ''.

well, you dont know any shit too.
of course you can stand and fight for your rights,
but maybe your're on the wrong time this time? moron.
& if we do quarrel again i'll need to ask you WHY
do you always need to start the fight by posting things
such remarks on your blog. damn it.
hmm, you can say oh; this is not refering to me.
but obviously i know who you are refering to.
im a human too, not a robot.

hell, why do things have happened to me all in one?!
im alrdy super duper stressed and then theres still
stupid things for me to worry to.
im tired, i need a break.
sigh, im really speechless.
i miss you much :(

cheer up buddy! i know you're in great pain
but remember what i said.
you had choosed this, so let it go k.
i'll always be supporting you(:

Saturday, 22 March 2008
keep it rocking, 11:53 AM

im home! no jam today woo. (including in and out)
jus finish my dinner/supper not long ago.
kay im really sleepy now but i needa blog.
woke up at 10.40 plus,
under mummy's rushing i only like took 15mins
to get ready! that's super fast can -_-
and i have no time to put my lenes on.
so mum fetch lil bros to lesson and pick up sis& yida.
to custom after that, phew lucky didn't jam.
went library toilet and put my lens on
& then read some magz while waiting for bestie.
train down to sommer set,
went neeanncity for atm machine.
bumped into ggeri& mk haah.
back to cineleisure & bought tix for The orphanage at 2.
Horror/Thriller movie, 4/5 stars!
quite a sad ending but really a nice movie.
had pasta mania for lunch after the show.
well, was rainning cats and dogs.
wanted go starbucks but it screw up!
i dunn wanna wet myself so yea, didn't go there at last.
back to cine, arcade for a walk.
my god!? you know those dancing machine? para para or something
yea there's a super fat girl dancing there we both was like wtf? 0_o
she make us really feel like throwing up LOL.
eew, and they thought they're some famous star dancing
it look really funny behind -_-
'' american pro trucker '' i found it cute eh,
maybe i gonna play it someday wahaha.
train back to woodlands. was playing my ds
in the train all the way ^^
bestie went to look for adlan, & i met up sis and home.
yeah, had super duper fun today!
tomorrow?! SPOP GALA CONCERT! woohooo!
gonna rest soon and gonna get high tomorrow!

Thursday, 20 March 2008
keep it rocking, 6:18 PM


school are boring this days.
im sort of sick yesterday afternoon?
aw, i though im infected with the birdflu!
rofl, touchwood.
but i still did went to school today.
ah, im with yuhui the whole day, no friends came today
& today only 24 ppl in ma class attended school lmao.
i shldn't have attend ~.~ if i didn't then i only went to sch 2days this week
greaat. but lucky i did attend today LOL. i did lots of coursework stuff.
kay this is lame.
&&& during cpa coursework, mdm koh was super nice to me
shocked @.@ actually is alll the chers.
including ms sng/mr koh/ms judith lol!
kay drizzling in thee morning, but they bloody still made us
go for mass run. =_= damn them.
nvm, i walked the whole 3 round with ivan lol!
for science we went to thee multi purpose court
and had a race-ed with our motor cars AHAH.
some are nice and cute.
dam gary! he made our motor car to a chingay lorry!
there a bottle on it and a picture of rihanna -_-
but i remove the bottle :X! (dun scold me*)
eileen and shidah one i super like it eh!
there's s.h.e on it lmao!
i got some pictures!:)
waited for godparents at cwp after school.
had lunch together and then back home with couzin.
damn those unmanners adults i bumped into at customs.
anyway, holiday tomorrow! wee.
anyone wannna go out with me?! =p
wher shld i go?!
it seems like there no more places for me to go to. =\
ahhh! spop gala concert! 3more days to go! woot woot!
& lastly, who wanna buy tix to angela's concert (most exp*)
pls contact me ty!
angela get well soon!

Lonely on the street.

after removing the bottle. there! look isn't it cute!AHA. 2nd picture of it.& check this out! she got those cool tattoo all over her body. and i like this!(:GET WELL SOON ANGELA!(:

EDITED* (Added March holis picture)
we had a fun day!(: look at the ugly fairy LOL.
Sis& tatat

lil bear heart is glowing!

white riding hood LOL.

Saturday, 15 March 2008
keep it rocking, 7:23 PM

woke up at 9am today, bathe
and then mummy sent me to custom.
train to bishan and meet up fanclub.
after i got in the queue (*cut Q)
then got a stupid china woman come and kb us!
kept on saying me cutting queue and then kirra
help me kb her lmao! had a small quarrelled with the woman.
she even call the security guard, but he ignored her hahaa!
so waiteed for one hour.
12sharp, thee djj pen fen is here.
& started to gave out the tix!
wooohooo. 23th march.
train to woodlandd, do some stuff. sry sm for bombing you. lol.
train back again to orchard and met up sis& yida at fareast.
had japanese ramen( sushi ten) at fareast for lunch.
sis and me kept on doing funny things. lol! so high.
yida say we crazy. (join our crazy club!* :D) HAHA.
& then dadd came and fetch us home.
tomorrow gonna cut hair! @.@
going for a moive with sis& yida tml mayeb at cs? lol.
or even red box!(:

*Added on 20th march.

chalet's video!(:

Friday, 14 March 2008
keep it rocking, 11:00 PM

hello peeps, im home.
super tiring & not enough sleep tthis few days.
my god, stupid. panda eyes @.@
and i slept awhile while jamming haha.
kay, talk bout few days ago.

12th march- ( wenesday )
met up gary, wenya, eileen& binni.
then we hell waitied for the queen/king gary chew for
how long again. ok nvm. set off after he came.
sadly, this few days kept on rainning cats and dogs.
we though it will stop when we get there but i didn't.
so each of us bought thee rain coat,
walked all the way from parkway parade to east coast.

i was wearing thee converse sneaker so i took it off and walk
barefooot k. eileen accompanied me too. thanks(: lmao. so fun.
they rented thee bike, and ride it around with the raincoat lol!
but played for only 10mins like that then started to rain
heavily. returned the bike but no refund. stupid idiot can.
can't see is raining, still cheat our money shit you $@%^@#
by the time it's already six plus in the afternnoon,
buss-ed back to woodlands and had dinner together.
met up rongying after they left. watched water horse together.
a nice movie! like it<3333>
went pasar malam, slack awhile
& had some sasuage waiited for brother and home.

13th march- (thursday)
chatlet today! tired for not enough sleep,
woke up at 11plus, chatted online awhile.
bathe, had breakfirst and then set off with sis/bro.
met up yida at kranji.
he help me bought bbt eh. (free*)eheh. ty.
kay, then we trainned all the way to pasir ris.
when we got there mummy and ah yii are all they alrdy.
rested awhile and then went to wildwildwet.
aw man, raining so heavily but i still decided to go there.
super cold can, like going to hell. freeze to death.
swim at thee lazy river for few rounds;
then hoolala, and lastly is to thee children's playground.
i cannot tahan, so i waited them for like one hour
at the small food village lol. sis made the correct
decision not to go ~.~
back to chatlet,
wait and wait and wait for the rain to stop
&finally it stopped!
started to set the thee pit.
i had lots of sasuage! uncountable can.
i dont eat other stuff but only hotdogs! crazy.
bbq all the way till midnight.
saw wenshen& brenda at there too(:
mummy started cleanning at 2plus at thee midnight.
me and sis helped her.
then yida kept on disturbing us eh.
playing water lol. i got a video sis chasing yida! HAHAHA.
mum, ah yii they all went home.
so only left ,me / bro / sis & yida.
so shiok~!~ each of us have a bed to sleep no need
to squeeze like roti prata! ahahah.
anyway, it's peishan birthday& sorry for not joining you all.
but happy belated birthday peishan!(:
hope you dont mind.

14th march- (friday)
sis wakeed me up today at nine!
all tired like mad cow LOL.
sis and bro alreeady preparing to check out.
me and yida just woke up.
brushed teeth, had a cup of milo made by sis
for the three of us eheh(: then checked out at 10.
sis went to work, bro went to rehars for the gala.
i went spore's home,
damn the train eh so slow! i trained all the way
from pasir ris to cck! i reach home at 12 eh!
took me 2 hour omg. stupid.
bathe and breakfirst then went out again.
met up xy at amk.
went town together(:
watched spiderwick croni
nice show eh! abit like harrry potter ahaha.
had MOS for dinner. quite a long time since i ate mos.

ahah. went heeren for a walk then to starbucks.
stayed there for almost two hour lol.

xy was playing cooking mama2.
i slept there for like 15mins? @.@
both of us had a cuup of caremel frapuchhino.
i like it<33(:

shopped at wisma for awhile
and then trained back to woodlands.
and now im home bloggging lol. a long one i guess.
aw! gotta wake up at 8 tomorrow again. zzz
need to reach junction8 at 10 lastest to meet up fanclub. yawn:(
i want to sleeeep!
kay will upload photo tomorrow!(:
seeya ciao.

keep it rocking, 10:59 PM

Playing in thee rain lol.

me& shinn.

tatat and me.

3 lil cousins(:

me& sis(:

cooking mama2!

Sis's lil baby bear bear.

lol, xy jb -.-

Xy& me (:

The blogger ...