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Friday, 28 September 2007
keep it rocking, 7:02 PM

Our noisy classroom
wenya's ugly avourite doll. LOL

This is lame.


Emo-ing? NO LAR.

took a picture before letting it go.


keep it rocking, 6:22 PM


English test was so HARD! especially the summary! and there's this close passage about green house so difficult can. lol. yesterday oral was about online shopping, passage was easy but i can't really answer the question that the examiner have asked.

we're dismissed around 11.50am, so board the bus and went to causeway with wenya they all. accompained huina to her aunt house and then went to nokia to fix her phone.

Met my sister at kfc but i requested to have pizza for lunch so we go lor. my favourite! used 25% discount coupon [: went to popular, wendy/chea & my sister so pervertic lor kept looking at those sex book. LOL

went to kiddy palace and walk around. playing with all the toy lol. i found a dell air ballon and asked yida to take it down. so they write they wishes on it and we went to the open space and throw the ballon.

what i ate today.
-rosemary cheesy bite fondue
-baked pasta
-tomyam mee in school
& lots more i can't remember HAHA!

so after that we went to jo's house. my monster stomach is hungry again ! lol. gonna be busy tomorrow ahhh!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007
keep it rocking, 5:57 PM

ahhh school was so boring! even though exam is coming teacher dont revise with us much!:[
yay no pe yesteday and so as today's mass run. we're relaxing in class chit chatting(:
i got caught by mr heng for using internet when we're doing our iron cap thingy. the comp just sudden lag! i can't close the internet explorer LOL SUEY! so he nagged me '' NICHOLAS THIS IS THE 2ND TIME I CAUGHT YOU'' so i was like yayaya XD

There's fight yesterday in canteen lol, some misunderstanding i guess. this guy got punched directly on the face& he's nose were bleeding eyes were swollen too poor thing. yeah i told jo that luckily he's bro was not in school that day if not there's more trouble!
anyway, yesterday lcd we watched cast away; nice show. i watched two times already(:

we waited for ms judith for a damn long time? we saw her today at parade sqaure but she didn't turn up for science lesson. so one hour free period and no teacher omg. cpa 3period while we're doing our 3D plasma tv, mdm koh sudddenly came into the lab and said she's checking our attendents and then mr heng went missing -.-

mdm koh caught me going into blogger and she help me closed me lol. then she went to teacher's table and lock internet. gary was very angry at her because she made our comp so laggy. we talk bad about her that she only know how to lock everyone's computer and dont know anything else. HAHAHA. Class was noisy of course! rolling chairs here and there. bell rang, so she dismissed us(:

meeting peiyee at civic. went library awhile and to pasa malam.. boought chicken burger and shark fin soup. bumped into asraf and gangs at breaktalk. smile at him and went off to b2 and had our lunch(:

one last day to exam! jiayou everyone. i've lots of things to do after exam ehehe[;
goodbye world.

Sunday, 23 September 2007
keep it rocking, 1:54 AM

i'm back.

Sigh, i 've been so fcuking moody this days. What am i sadding about? i dont even know ; im really going crazy. I hate it. Can anyone entertain me? =\

i've been going home straight after school dismissal for two weeks! my god. Badshyt day.
Exam is coming in few days time& i haven't beeen preparing well ;[

I gotta wake up, pull up my socks now and ignore everything that's happening around me. i can't break my own promise. No more hide& seek.

Maybe i should be looking on the brightside.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007
keep it rocking, 9:27 PM

Sorry guys, i wont be updating this few days/weeks.

Saturday, 8 September 2007
keep it rocking, 5:17 PM

And bye!

keep it rocking, 4:53 PM

Have a fun day yesterady! :D

I freaking waited deeen for like half an hour?! at singapore custom. But at least she treated me a cup of bbt LOL. Saw Jo while waiting for joe. after that went to cold storage and bought some stuff and headed for plaza sing.

catched 4:20pm Naraka19 at with joe and deen. Man, bbt dripped from the cup and onto my shirt while i was drinking. Quickly clean it off and enjoy my show with my chips :D When the show ends it was like 6:40pm? actually was planning to go home but i asked them if they want to go vivo city they're like ok lor. So we went there and shopp-ed. Deen kept complainting that she hates vivo wadthe.

After that we went to the top floor, we started slacking there and playing with the water& had a good time enjoying the view too. It was really nice! BIG STAR VIRGO CRUISE! Joe loves cruise! hahaha. Tooks lots of photos as well.

Im hungry so we decided had dinner at LJS but it's full so we take away and went back to the top floor. Found a place and sat down eating and chatting together. As time goes by we chitt-chatted for three hours! it was 11:40pm and people were leaving one by one and we decided to leave too.

Rushed back to harborfront mrt station and luckily we catched the last train. when we reached causeway, it was already 1plus midnight we spent sometime at causeway and cabbed home with joe and so as deen.

Thursday, 6 September 2007
keep it rocking, 11:17 PM

Wednesday, 5 September 2007
keep it rocking, 11:00 PM

She say very cool. LOL

Big eyes monster

keep it rocking, 10:19 PM

Right, what a boring day.

Went town with two girls, repeating the street again and again. Jiaxin moodswing because she say we '' pang seh '' her. Im innocent ok. We went to fareast plaza, cineleisure, heeren then back to fareast again! so tired larh.

Had Kobayoshi for lunch, order-ed my favourite ramen. It's really nice :D
Shopped at cine for awhile waiting for lousie to come. After that met up jacky and he tag along.
Nothing much happened, we decided to leave orchard at about six fouty. Saw yilin the emo girl in Bus 950, she's really crazy! kept disturbing me all the way. & she almost got knot by a car at malaysia custom! shocked. Went to mobil together and home.

Saturday, 1 September 2007
keep it rocking, 9:07 PM


He's trying to hide from my camera hahaha!

keep it rocking, 8:13 PM

Due to not enough sleep and im having a bloody headache NOW NOW!

Woke up at about nine plus in the morning, toasting round and round and i could'nt sleep after that. But im sleeping with my eyes open, hahaha!
Met up wenya& gary after then went to town together. as usual, that idiot will be late again so we have to wait and wait. Saw jo and sis at mrt platform, went forward and chatted awhile.

Had pastamania for lunch, ate creamy chicken. it's so dry and awful! i wont ever eat that every again. wenya doesn't want to eat so what she can do? play my ds lor! hahahaa! Holy crap, she wanted to save money& and i even treated her for the movie! :D am i good?! hahaa.

Went over to noeprint shop and took some photo together. Gary you're really a idiot! why put that explode-ed on me! you bloody destroyed that picture T_T
while we're happily editing the pictures, wenya suddenly shouted '' 3.59 ALREADY '' then we are like OMG. Because we're watching 4:05pm dead slience.

We dashed up to fourth floor, and went into the cinema shortly.
All i know is that mary shaw is a bad and evil woman! but overall that show was quite boring.

Accompany wenya to takashimaya awhile, i wanted to go heeren but didn't go in the end :[
Heading back to orchard mrt station at about 6:30pm and home.

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