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Wednesday, 29 April 2009
keep it rocking, 10:45 PM


It's freaking friday! and i was in school uniform
all the way till the next day which is passed 12am.
ohmygodness! Yeah, indeed a busyyy dayyy!
School dismissed at eleven plus in the morning.
I went to T1 to wait for those bitches for like HOURSS
with thunder.. we're like zzzzz! ok anyway, they came
like super duper late especially kaihui! so we went
cold storage and buy all the things we needed first.
After that we went eunice's house and start our project.

Everything was ok, quite good. I left eunice house
first and then met up jacc at china town station..
Brought them to dance studio for the trail class
actually but then i didnt know what happened
and the planned changed.. ok whatever. Left early
again, nn fetch fetched us all back to HQ home!
hehehe. ok pictures!

On the way to schooolz! tired!
First time eating lobster house in school! not bad not bad! hahaha!
Lame jonathan draw what eyeliner! diaoz!
Choosing the fruits!!!
Eunice& thunder.
Eunice& nicholas!
All our ingreedientts!
Yay! all done! it's super nice! ^.^

keep it rocking, 7:58 PM

Tanned me!

Damnn shagg! It started peeling off yesterday
and worsen today! see the picture above is like
damn disgusting! LOL. Aw! it's painful!! :(

Yesterday meet up daniel and sisi at tm for
breakfast/early lunch then we go schoool..
I had this er xin tomato pasta.. yucky!!
I seriously hate Pasta mania! All the things in the
menu are all hen nan chi!!! >:(!!!!

Chairs in da toilet!Ah suee and me! Cheese!(:

Sometimes i really feel school are so boring!!
&i sometimes i do think that my classmates are weird.
Beats me. I dont know why. lolx!
Pictures above are taken days ago..

Ps; CLASSMATE! Stop irritate me pls.

Anyway! After a month i've finally gotten my Geo lens!
Yayy, but was super slow! slow poke people!
Magic Color lens.. Made in KOREA!! woohooo!

Oh ya, I wanna change Anycall or Prada phone!
I've targetted any one of these twoo.. wahahahaa.
OKay bye!

(Wenya) Aiyoh! it's the same! HAHA.
(Ting) Yeah, not bad! It's fun! ^.^
(Peeps) Hey, hmm you are?
(Huina) Relinked!(:

Tuesday, 28 April 2009
keep it rocking, 5:38 PM

Physically& mentally tiredness!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! It's weekend again..
Me, Daniel, Sisi, Jeff, and reuel...
We had our sentosa trip on saturday! hohoho.

On the day itself, i felt so.. satisfied! super!
Because i managed to met up all the three other
groups! which is my bro& friends/classmates/wenya
Yeahh man! I planned all sooo nicely.. hehehehe.
This shows my time management is good alright! XD

Anyway wondering why is the big tittle up there?
Im refering to my muscle cramp and sunburnn!
hahahaaha, so worst that i cant sleep properly for
the last three nights.. l-o-l!
If im not wrong, the last time i been to sentosa
is with Ms peeps bah! woah, time flies! almost a year!
hahahahaha.. people we should all go out soon man!

Okay nowwwwwwww, It's pictures time!!
Let the photo do the talking! hehehehe(:

First photo of the day! HAHA.

Playing DS! Pokemon fight XD

Super sunny day!

Dead bodies?? HAHA.
Burying daniel..
Jeff join me LOL.
He's saying '' help me '' HAHA.
Act rocker!!
Daniel the SU CHUN MEI!!


Me and sisi!

Ds boy.
I love this picture! arent we kawai? LOL.
Cineleisure for dinner!
Tired!! Still have to do dance..
Some stupid people ask us all to do survey..
daniel's the writing board.. hahahaa!



(Wenya) Yahh! mang shi wo lah! HAHA.

(Sisi) Irritating girl!! Linked liao!(:

(Sze hou) I know you& its me lah LOL! kk see you in MS(:

Saturday, 25 April 2009
keep it rocking, 1:08 AM


Wooohooo! I just got home from danciiee! like just!
aww, it's so tiring.. school still as usual.. boring!
but at least we're getting more and more united
each day i guess? right?! hahaha! =))
Kkz, gonna say about thursday first..

First of all, Ima wishing daddy a very happy birthday!
The most important is stay healthy and happy always!(:
Yeah, so Thursday is Daddy's birthday! so all of us
went back HQ home! LOL. Dad's friend came and then
we had a litte celebration and stuff.. cake and blahblah..

After that, my mummy fetch us all out from malaysia
to singapore!! During midnight! and then she went back
malaysia afer that.. so good huhXD! Wahahaha!
Okay, some pictures below=))

OK, Continue about today.. so we're learning
bottle pop now! kool! hahaha! hard but fun!
ahhhh, just get notice that we're gonna join competition
so i've to really commit alot and do alot better/improve
in just a month! OHMYGODNESS LAH! STRESS!
LOL, come on lah myself! Never give up!

Eh guess what?! Im frigging busy tomorrow..
super super! I told Jac and wenya that '' 我忙惨!!! ''
They was like HAHAHAHAHA away -.-''
Yeah lah, so actually have three groups of friends
asking me to go sentosa tomorrow.. aiyah which is
today lah, its midnight liao.. and i still haven sleep!

So sorry man, my classmates! the timing is so wrong tmr
so i couldn't join you guys.. I've promised wenya to
accompany her tmr, but ima going sentosa..
super last min decide! so fan and irritating LOL.
yeah, i'll TRY meet up each group tmr OK! hehehehe.

Tomorrow sentosa!! Im gonna prepare my things..
and sleep sooon! so... CIAOOOOZ!
Update again =)))


(Wenya): yeah!! I LOVE IT!! NICE!! HAHAHA.

(Antene): It's ok lah, who dont shit?! LOL.

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