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Thursday, 28 February 2008
keep it rocking, 7:27 PM

a big big SIGH.
i can't stop sighing :(
i can be counted as broke down. this dont really happen to me.
got so fucked up in school already.
which make me damn emotional; fuck it.
im missing _ everyday and more and more things crop up.
i really dont wish to go school. i kept asking myself
should i go or not. i've to go, for some reasons.
which is course work. and one more which is thousand times
important than this.
sigh, 5 side. and i jus know that i'm not in his list.
and his one sentence make me super upset.

lin yi chen, you're right; we cant just dream or think
we have to really try and do it. be brave.

i need someone on my side, but theres no one.
things happened, &i cant change it.

Sunday, 24 February 2008
keep it rocking, 2:15 PM

(Saturday) (SUPERGREATDAY!:)

yoyoyo i'm home! (12+ midnight) it's so tiring
after a long day outing.
BUT most important is that i did have a super duper fun day!(:
Kay, so like met up wenya& eileen in da morning.
then headed to chirst church secondary :D!
bought a $10 ticket from xf.
walked around and exploring the school. the classes are better
then our lor. parade square/hall all better la. stupid wgs.
i like the school much much(:
quite sad i didn't got into this school lol, last time
my first choice was christ church leh!
then i bloody got into riverside. aww man.
its so crowdly and dirty eh,
saw peiyee and she join us for awhile.
bought a (fruit+coke) lol, and a fries which is bloody un-cooked!
threw away after eating one or two. waste my money!
aw i missed thee new zealand ice cream:(
left christ church at 2pm because eileen and wenya
kept on complaining that their armpit are sweating wtf.
a so good opportunity to step in the school and left so fast :(
bus-ed to causeway,
we actually waiting gary for almost two hour.
we even chill in the library flipping through magazines
while eating some thai fishballs in the cafe.
then he finally came! cabed from yio chu kang
and drop off at wisma.
adelin& friends called us, they're at orchard too
so they came and tag along(:
having lots of fun ehehe.
headed cineleisure, had lunch at hip dinner usa again!
jonathan and others cam, saw sister& yida there too.
cine is like occupied with alot woodgroves leh haha.
heeren after lunch, went for a walk there.
aesthetic night were starting soon. cabb-ed from
heeren to republic poly.
*we whored in the cab second times LOL*
today spent lots of money eh,
cabbed like three time today omg. going broke soon.
kay i think im being super kind & friendly today AHAHA!
talked to lots of people too. anyway once we stepped
into the place we saw garytan they all already lmao!
also see others side of everyone hahaa.
& the concert is great! i like the japanese song the best.
after concert we slowly stroll back to causeway,
then home with sis& bro.
we took lots of pictures today.
let the picture do the talking now!(:

sigh, i can't stop thinking of you every second.
please dont let me suffer.

Saturday, 23 February 2008
keep it rocking, 12:45 AM

[edited, added more pics(25/2)]

Thursday, 21 February 2008
keep it rocking, 4:29 PM

22th (today)

school dismissal, went cwp with him& his gf tag along.
they accompained me to watsons.
bought wax, and two boxes of eye drops. They cab and left.
went to nokia myself and send my phone for reparing.
kept sawing those flowers at popular& nokia!
damn irritate me can. please kindly HK.
wasn't in a good mood;
waited for xf, and bus-ed back together.
accompained her to city square, asked cousin to
give her 20% discount lol! left after that.
tomorrow's a fun day because 'll be going to
christ church seconday for carnivals! weee! im looking towards it!
please hurry to tomorrow!
oh ya, i watched waterboys few days ago. aha, a funny movie.
sigh, im still sad about it and i've been thinking it for over a night
and even in class! i decided.
i'll try and i wont give up.

how i wish was that we can know each other.
please, i need to be brave.

21th (yesterday)

Same thing happened again today,
even teachers have bad attitude.
but maybe she's correct. maybe theres
really no one who like me.
it would be so wonderful without your appearance.
i could have know more things if you didn't appear. SIGH.
i had a super long stroll just now thinking
& bought myself a ice cream to cheer myself up. sigh.
this actually made me filled with anger and hatred towards you.

when will be the next time i could see you.
is it all that i can only see you from far? sigh.

20th (the day before yesterday)

Alright, its a bad luck day for me yesterday.
school becaming so sucky and boring now, which make me doesn;t feel like going.
in the early morning had a quarrelled with form teacher
because she confiscated my magazine,
damn it she bloody ruin the coverpage!

which super pissed me off _l_
And so she's not gonna return me,
she said she will be donating it to the

school or what shit. beggar.
why peoples nowadys have so bad attitude!

it makes me so frustrated. Grr.
watched ah long ptd ltd after school. a funny show but with a sucky moral.
had a quarrelled with mum at night,
aw antene we actually had the same thing happened on the day!
yida's coming over and stay for a night;
school tomorrow, gonna rest soon.
seeyou people.

all i hope is that i can know you.

Saturday, 16 February 2008
keep it rocking, 10:56 PM

so like met up joe at 1pm at cwp.
train down orchard.
bought ticket for jumper.
went heeren while waitign for movie.
back to cine for movie.
it's F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C.
super nice& exciting. 4half/5! ehehe.
went heeren again then
headeed to nee ann city.
had pepper lunch, teriyaki set meal.
had some little problem lol
busying msggging, call and stuff. but i think its okay alrdy.
to starbucks, psp-ed stay ther 1hour plus
left for wisma, then back to woodlands.
joe buy a bear for his gf lol! 79.90
waitied for brother& home.
when i got home i got w-o-w, cause my parent's
friend are all here ahah. super crowded.
and again just now when i got into my room
i saw a black hi-five set placed on my make-up table O_O
then asked mum, its for me from dad:D
wahaha, thank you.
played with angel& gonna bath soon.

Drew& gave sis lol!

Zh see this(:

Monday, 11 February 2008
keep it rocking, 11:37 PM


Got home after school with a cup of bbt.
comment test (English& Science).

(Saturday& Sunday)
Went genting on friday midnight.
four hour plus journey&
finally reached our destination.
but freakingly we all slept in the car all the way
until eleven plus in the morning.
&dad was happily in the casino. lol
They started letting everyone checking in only
at 12! & we got ''209'', we checked in at 2pm! arse.
changed and off to out-door theme park.
played quite number of ride.
but i missed space shot and 360* coaster :(
Trip to genting super rushy.
Been there countless times already.
so this time is only '' hai hao ''.
Watched HighschoolMusical2 in the hotel nice nice lmao.
Sunday, walked& shopped with mummy&
siblings for awhile bought some cartoon disc
so that we can watch in car. ahah. waited for dad and home. (5hour again! ahhh)
we got home at 1030pm! bathe, had dinner and sleeep!

Went mum's side home.
had steamboat for lunch& dinner ahma house ahah.
catched cj7 at a nearby mall. nice& funny but abit lame LMAO.
got lots of ang pao also.
& dad gave each of us $1k yayyy.

Didn't went to school on wednesday, slept till
elevn plus while the rest in school watching e lame concert lol.
i ate lots of lots of ba gua at home. is like almost all of it i finished them
AHAHA went ''kucop'' which is father's side home.
yes yes! super happy that one of my cousin actually
said i've grown fatter! WOOHOOO. no more bamboo!~
but i still wanna grow fat more! LOL
got lotas ang pao from them.
dad taught me/sister/brother how to ride a
morto bike like those kampong kids ahah! fun!
overnight at another cousin house with buno instead
of the same house with my siblings. cousins taught me how to mahjong. fun!
can't stop laughing while mahjong ahaah.
i kept '' bomb hu'' LOL
but of course i know how to play already=p
i won one match which make me damn satisfied(:
i took a picture of it. slept at 5am in da midnight.
woke up next morning, back to kucop& home at night.
have fun during chinese new yaer friends!(:
photo didn't put it accodingly hope its ok,
let the picture do the talking now(:

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