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Saturday, 31 May 2008
keep it rocking, 2:09 AM

Having my First Ever Vocal Lesson TODAY!!
I should say this before i attend LOL.
Well, really nervous but excited.
It turn out to be like the open house free lesson.
Hmmm.. fun. but i need to be more daring.
Having second today. yawns. super tired :(
how will it turn out again!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2008
keep it rocking, 7:36 PM

I got this funny thing to share.. this is really cute LOL.
you know i've been waiting for
my sweet sweet letter from antene right.
She told me she have sent the letter on 9th may. it took 20days
already and haven delivered to my house. we're so sad!
i though they already throw it away or have lost it.
so just now antene told me that she recieved the letter -_-?
it flew to msia and back to australia! and now
she's gonna resent it again because she wrote wrong address!
LOL how cute. *Laughs* Look at the picture below! HAHA.
nicky ah nicky.. yaya maple ltr ok. see the photos :D
Hmmm lesson going starts tomorrow!

Again, nervous but excited! weeeeeeeheeeeeeee.
But gonna have fun and enjoy myself!

Exclusive discount! (want to go tell me)

Saturday, 24 May 2008
keep it rocking, 10:12 PM

First day of June Holiday!

Todays a fun day!
when is the last time i went out with my sister.
i cant really recall lol.
anyway, today suppose to have classes.. im like oh my gosh.
rushing for the class and this
freaking custom jam pissed me off.
its 12;10 and im still stuck in middle of the bridge.
Actually wanted to cab from woodland to outram park.
when im so irritated in the mind,
shunnie called me and said that today's class is postponed.
okay, so stay at causeway point with sis& tatat.
Had yakun for breakfirst/lunch.
After that i psycho sis to watch '' what happen in vegas ''
so she agreee with it. ima wacthing it for the second time LOL.
Went arcarde to kill time.
Again, i dont know when is the last time
i spent my money on arcarde.. haha.
we played, time criss 3, motor bikes, datona& basketball.
fun fun! sister is stupid. she wasted 11dollars
on a lame machine and got 5 sweets =_=
we chit chatted, behaving lyk
crazy fellows like nobodys business.
yep, back for movie at 2.45pm.
i love mrs fuller(joy)& jack HAHA:D
Oh yeah, you guys know starbucks right? if you dont know
u're really a dumb ass. ok so when i came out from thee toilet,
i saw this guy's tee shirt with *Starbutt* with starbucks
logo but there a butt image there. so that thing
went across my mind. im thinking.. why is butt? not bucks?
then im like OH! starbutt = starbucks LOL.
the pronouncation is almost the same -.-
okay, i know its lame. bought some sushi,
each-a-cup and home....
mapling later on.

i look retarded here. ( see tat kid! haha)

This is the lame machine.
Dont know where am i looking at -.-

Opps, finishing then take LOL.

Friday, 23 May 2008
keep it rocking, 8:28 PM

Yay, June holiday is here!

So freaking finally.
Please my friends, do come school often.
yupyup, tomorrow will be the first lesson and
im kinda excited& nervous HAHA. okay, anyway you guys must really watch '' what happens in vegas ''!! if not i kill you LOL.
Happy holidays peeeps.
Lastly, passed by leon;s blog
and found this, check this out.

a guy named Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose, a brazilian who could predict the future. and thou i doubt his ability to really predict (bcos it was said that he has already made more than 80 000 predictions, which is a little too exagerrated). he said that ..

in 2008..-Humans will find the medicine for AIDS and Dengue-On 18th July, Philippine will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands people will die-The Empire State Building New York will get terror attack in September.-13th of September, China will get 9.1 earthquake in Nanning and Hainan, and at the same time will get a 30 meters Tsunami, millions people will die, the tsunami may go to Japan directly.in 2009..-On 25th January. 8.9 earthquake will attacked Japan, Hundred thousands people will die.-And in November, Japan will get earthquake again. Thousands people will die.-Brazilian government can not pay the insurance because of the finance problems and will get the riots.-24th August, Istanbul Turkey will get 8.9 earthquake. Roads will be parted.-16th December, Sumatra Indonesia will get 7.8 earthquake. Thousands of people will perish.very scary right... cannot imagine if all his predictions came true. better cherish all that we have while we still have them. i was wondering.. what will you do in the last hour of your life, in the case that you know you only have one more hour to live?

Thursday, 22 May 2008
keep it rocking, 4:42 PM

Hello guys!
recently im quiet lazy& dont know what to post now..
but this time i'm changing and hope that
my june holis will make a big different! hehes:)

Rating: PG:

Sexual ReferencesLanguage: English with Chinese subtitles
Set in Sin City, story revolves around two people who discover they've gotten married following a night of debauchery, with one of them winning a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. Unhappy pair try to undermine each other and get their hands on the money -- falling in love along the way.

I will really recommend you all to watch this show.
Seriously, i think this is the best show i've seen in 2008.
I will rate it 5/5! Its a comedy plus romance movie.
The two role players so cute& funny.
I'm like laughing all the way throughout the movie.
and duh theres some sadd parts.
I want to watch it again!
Dont miss it!

Thursday, 15 May 2008
keep it rocking, 8:56 PM

Hello peeps.
today is 15th may, time flies!
4 day have passed since my bday last sun.
i kept on have this feeling that my bday is jus yesterday
or 2 days ago -_-
muscle cramp for 2days alrdy. stupid nafa!
im lazy to walk downstairs to my room to get
friend's contact number. omg slowly becoming a pig LOL.
aww, june holiday is coming so soon.
then prelim, and N lvl!
last time when im sec1 i used to think
chey sec4 still long way to go lar.
and now it's coming IN MONTHS. god.
hmm.. no study in sch for the pass two days
as we're having our elective module
and we're out to some places hehehe.
egg company, green technology, sunshine bakery!
&Swisshotel . this place were really awesome. lol.
anyone dont get chances to see such things
unless you work there la! i got quite afew of photos
but im lazy to update. next time ba.
hmm, not going school tomorrow
super tired&lazy this days,
wanna sleep more at home tomorrow AHAHA.
but i reallywant to attend school and
see the woodgrove idol thingy =\
ah, wadever. maybe meeting up joanna& co
tomorrow& make a trip down ms and register! woohooo.
mood is better this few days. hehehes ;P

Sunday, 11 May 2008
keep it rocking, 11:14 PM

11th May 2008


Firstly, im really satisfied with my 16 years old birthday.
Eye filled with tears, im speechless but happy.
Im finally 16, i've learnt alot this through out this years
and of cause still learning now.
Thank you huina for the surprise cake,
it was so nicely planned. i was touched thought=]
Thank jacquelin too for the lovely chocolate cake
you baked yourself ^^
Thank you everyone for the present.
Esp auntys angpaoS and all the wishes from friend& family.

This people who wishes me:

antene,(alot time)
brother yuhao,
sister lynn,
brother shanne,
lil bro zhe,
all my 6 auntys,
lil cousin,

Thank you :D

This year, mothers day falls on my birthday which is today.
Hello, im not mother ok! like 2 to 3 years my birthday
and mothers day will meet up. so weird. lolx.
so went grandma house and celebrate together.
Got a very very nice cake but quite small.
inside contain 3 swensen's
favour ice cream vallina, strawberry& chocolate. waahahahah.
My sweety, Antene called me from Australia,
Saying happi birthday like how many times LOL.
thanks thanks... appreciate it alot!
even on 9 may you called me.
will be waiting for your sweeetest letter from australia yeah! ^^
I got like 200 over plus bucks all together..
godmum always gave me so much money tsk. feel so paiseh.
what should i do with this? save up or spent. AHHH.
parent gave me k810i woohoo.
and the first song i listen on my birthday is wat's song.
hmmm yeah, just back from dinner.
it's 11.30pm right now, 30mins more im
gonna say byebye to 15 and welcome NC16.
birthday going over, yujieh! please wake up now.
work hard for what you really want! NO FEAR!!
Lastly, thanks everyone for this lovely 16 birthday
and being apart in my life.
Love you all(:

Sis& shineshine.

Frown frown, LOLYay, my presents.

&present again.Loves loves.
My lovely cake.
Happy birthday Nicholas Tan Yu Jieh.


Saturday, 10 May 2008
keep it rocking, 11:00 PM

Hey all!
firstly, sorrry dandan for making you late.
custom kept on jamming this days so irritating.
but finally i'm home. I've just finished busying with
transfering photos here and there.. AHA.
yea, gonna upload some photo this time
round but not all huh. lots of photo still with piggy huina!
it's 10.30pm right now; 1 hour and 30minutes more!
went out with bestfriends today.
yeah, thanks for the present you three.
iron nice huh? i think im nicer because
i repeat and watch it again with you guys HAHA.
have fun with you guys today ^^
love you all.
& dan, i love subwayz! LOL.
wee! i receieved birthday wishes, and some present alrdy.
i think there's still more present and wishes
im gonna get the next few days. LOL.
Yay, i finally got one of the WaT's album.
i love it so MUCH. HEHEHEE<3333
alright thanks thanks ! LOVE YOU ALL<3
Lastly, Must drop by ms and register within this month!
(pictures below,*some whore* dont mind me HEHE.)
Blog more tomorrow!

Wenya, i finally used this HAHA.
Look, sis gave me this stupid face.

Smile!:D :D

Our cute cute neoprint 1

Our cute cute neoprint 2

Yay, '' cheese! '' Peace.
Getting this soon WAAHAHAHA. From Godmum! From bestfriends! LOVE this most!=] Anddd Byeeeeee!

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keep it rocking, 12:18 AM


Friday, 9 May 2008
keep it rocking, 10:28 PM

[EDITED] On 10 May.

First of all really really thanks huina& jacquelin for the cake.
you both really surprised and so touchedd la! thanks alot(:
first time ever got cakes from friend! hahas.
i though im gonna spent my birthday this year alone
but i think im wrong. i dont feel that way now.
alright, so huina date me out today. HAHA.
Went partyworld, having fun and
singing away for three hour plus.
we took lots of photo in there. (using huina's phone)

ok then huina dont let me in, when im back with jac's present.
i though she make spoil mic or what lol.
and then i daash into the room and
i saw the cake.. ahahaah.
so surprising! thanks thanks!
and jac herself, baked a chocolate cake
for me. it's really of you...
thanks thanks![:
kay, 2 more days!
hmm; going out with dandan& co tomorrow.
upload photo at once next time!

[Added photos*]

(Not all here, more photos coming!)

From Jac.

Lighting up the cake.
taddaaaa! ^^
Jacquelin& me ^^
I want that! i want that!

Give you a kiss LOL.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008
keep it rocking, 2:43 PM

yay, i'm touched by all Wat's song la.
watched lots of video from youtube although
i dont understand, like it!
last paper for tomorrow!
i dont expect my math to pass this time.
today's math paper 1 is *dead*
im super hopeless in math. sigh.
anyway eoa tomorrow. shall do a quick revise ltr.
hmmm, 4 more days!!!
and i watched iron man yesterday!
my godd!! so wonderful. 4half / 5 for it!
worth wacthing it! ^^
yay, friday's marking day..
will be going singing with friend. woohoo.
im still thinking if i shld drop by ms to register this week?
aaaaahhh. lalala. gonna continue with my videos.
blog more soon!
Luv Wat![:

& i miss japan's trip on 2006:(


HAIS, i felt so lonely.
Lonely day. been hearing wat's song the whole day.
it's like making me more sadd-er. but i want to listen to it.
emooooo sucks. but i got no choicee..
wanted to study for tml's sub
but freaking hell, i found that my book left in school
SIGH, nothing to keep me acompanied.
kept on staring at this computer.
you know, msn sucks lots actually.
make people quarrel on net all this.
if quarrel use our mouth la! not our hand.

but of cuz there's good memories sometimes
pass by mireen's blog and she said this
'' i accepted the fact that . frens come and goin and out of our life . its lyk driving a bus andtaking the passengers that you want and letting them out when they want too .''
absolutely! sighhh.
i feeling like going mia. haiss.
& i started to MISS lots of lots people =[
i saw someone who is close with me last time
and we are like stranger now. sigh. saw her today.
where are all my friends ='[
For my 16th birthday,
i really really wish to have a bestfriend.
that's my wish =]


Tuesday, 6 May 2008
keep it rocking, 8:53 PM


Yeah, last sunday i had this '' Mian sian '' because
it's my '' Nong li '' birthday.. haha! khim do you know?!
YEAH MAN KHIMM! It's our birthday! our birthday! ^^
Hahahahaha! Any1 kind enough to gift me? XD

POOOOOOOOF! Will i receive so many prezzie?!
I dont think so becuz im old! lol !

Another thing.. super tirednesssssssssss!!!

Ima getting more and more tired each day too.
It's gonna be more n more tough when days come..
ohmygodness! I dont like loh! so stress and tired!:(
My body is so unwell! ke lian me..
Look at the picture below! so poor thing!
I can really fall asleep at any place also!
Now right, everytime i got into the bus or train
I will just fall alseep immediately! & i just sleep!
I mean it.. i dont care if people is looking.. oinkoink!

Im going to sleeep early today! but for now, im going to continue watching Korea's flower boys now! wooohooo! chill ah chil!


Monday, 5 May 2008
keep it rocking, 3:34 PM

6 more days.

kind enough of you to buy a one HAHA.

The touched-ist* song i ever heard in my life.
Although i dont understand, but i can feel it.
and it can make me or anyone drop tears(:
Bokura no love story.

It will take time.
I hope we can be like last time after my birthday,
maybe it will; maybe not.


Sunday, 4 May 2008
keep it rocking, 7:31 PM

Hmmm, guess what?
i just finished watching this
''Pokemon'' The Movie 10th. LOL.
you guys may think im crazy or what
but dont '' xiao kan '' this kind of cartoon movie.
I tell you.. super wonderful man.
the moral / effects / images / sound
mixed up together is totally SO coool lar :P
i dont regret watching this HAHAHA.
but seriously it's nice.
kay, maybe this post if lame for you.
today is sunday,

this few days kept on emoing.
dont know why. hais.
tmr's gonna have chinese paper..
jia you jia you everyone.. must get well for chinese paper. hehe.
anyway, i wanna watch movie leh.
maybe wathing iron man with my dears on saturday.
& if who is free pls ask me out :)
Have been sick for days.
stupid flu.... and
Nothing much, 7 days left! weeehooo.
see u guys on 10th may.
lastly i wanna share this song with you all

it's very touching. dont cryyy !! (My blog's song. )
I LOVE Bokura no Love Story.

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Friday, 2 May 2008
keep it rocking, 3:48 PM

Fuck you, fuck everyone.
& Fuck this world.
Everyone lies.
Trust no one, but yourself.

The blogger ...