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Saturday, 29 November 2008
keep it rocking, 11:13 AM


Friday, 28 November 2008
keep it rocking, 12:44 AM

I can do better.

Hi! Today is quite a tiring day, i dont know why?
Maybe i was out and doing some hard work >.>
Omg, Its 1.32am now... My whole body is aching T_T
I watched Quarantine at AmkHub in the afternoon.
It was good, scary. Like VERY! But story line is not good.
The ending is totally the same as '' Cloverfiled ''.
You'll know you you watched that before lol!
Anyway back from Ms again~ Wahahahaha.
MusicStory have been a common place for me to go
since june, i have joined/be a member of them
or even a animal family! Because we are! HAAAA!
Yeah, Ms have become alil quiet-er around september
to early november? Because of O,Nlvls and Polys exams.
But almost everyone is back in Ms now! Hehehex!
I got my our dance class5 photo from Hsinwen's
blog already!! Its Below!! Woots, we're going to
learn new songs the next time we attend dance class!
Okay, im really tired.. WANT TO ZZZZ LIAO.
Tomorrow going redbox and movie again!~
Tomorrow and Saturday will be going MS too.
Wooohooooo! Ciao.



Wednesday, 26 November 2008
keep it rocking, 11:28 PM

Some of Today's photo! Enjoy! =)
Henry is so Loved by me! =P

keep it rocking, 9:44 PM

Let me do it.

This is really SO annoying!
Why not just let me do it?! When im serious, they dont
really care. When im not serious.. they want me to be.
Im a type of person who dont really get to be so serious.
Unless theres really things i wanna do! Its rare OK.
Yes, I want to change my room and do all the planning
MYSELF. Yes, I know i have a very nice room right now.
But i sudden had inspiration to '' Remake '' my room.
And im really into it now! Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just listen to me, Just listen to what i wanna do.
JUST let me do it! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Guess i will have to talk to my parent about it.

THIS IS SO IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2008
keep it rocking, 8:39 PM

Great weekend!

hi!! I just got home from Ms....
Im soo tired man.. I think im K-O-ing soon manz.
lolx! Yeah!! I had sucha great weekend lahhh!!
I went heeren to support my friends who's in teenage
icon finalist on saturday.. And shop around town area
and had HongKong Cafe for supper.
After that we stayed/ton at Christ house..
I slept at 7.30am eh?! Im a panda now @.@
I only slept two hours.. zZz cant sleeep at all..
plus im sandwiched by xavier and veron de loh. LOL.

Stupid movie LOL.

Ahwen and me!!

Midnight in Plaza Sing
Im going to watch this with Elson!

Veron and me Take 1
Take 2
The Hyper Couple!!

The place is mine!! and veron is at the left -.-
This is cool!!

Slept until 11 plus and we left Christ house at around 12..
Veron and me headed to Ikea, I bought a Cool lamp!!
Oh ya, Thanks Veron for the HongKong Cafe meal!
this afternoon =) Anyway i didnt see Khim for like
2 month liao loh!! become pretty liao!! XD
Our Ms common words.. '' WHATEVER '' HAHAHAHA!

Friday, 21 November 2008
keep it rocking, 10:35 PM

Feel it.

It was sure a tiring day for us!
Hahaha! But It was really really fun manz.
But hor i'm pissed off again loh!!
Nevermind! Im good... forgiven~
So went Jurong East Swimming Pool today...
When is the last time i went there?! Last year i guess.
Spent hours playing there.. Oh ya!! Theres this stupid guy
act drowning in the wave pool loh. The action made us all
LAUGH OUT LOUD! HAAA. So baichi...

Then we headed back to Causewaypoint for dinner..
I ate this Japanese Katsu curry or something..
Its so nicee... weeheee <3333333333
Catched Madagascar Escape 2 Africa.
It was sucha great movie!! Funny and cute..
I super love the fat fat hippopotamus!!
so random AHAAHA. May watch it again!!! ^^

keep it rocking, 12:26 AM

I want surprise.

Hello im homeee!
Im back home from Ms..
See-ing my friends again is good. hehes.
Yeah, I went Plaza Sing again.. for movie.
''Beverly Hills Chihuahua'' this time.
Okok only.. some part are really funny..
After the movie i was like.. '' The show is stupid,
or im the one stupid? spent money watching
dogs movie and they're speaking to me.. LOL?
Its all fake!!! made from computer lah.. so lame..

Kk whatever~ And Know what?! I was flipping
through U Mag when this girl from ms randomly
told me that she saw me in channel U website..
then i was like O.O? really?! So i quickly went to check
once i got home LOL. Ahhh!! the photos... lmao!!
Arent we're kawaii? HAHAAAA JOKING!
Yeah, anyway today is dance dance day again!!
Christ is not here.. so xaiver took over..
It was good.. but i dont feel any power today..
Omgz like no feeling loh... But we're about to complete
our first song le.. Its gonna be 5th lesson next week liao!!
so so so so so fast!! Jiayou jiayou manz!
WOo, tomorrow going Jurong Swimming Complex
& Madagascar Escape 2 Africa! Finally!!!

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