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Tuesday, 28 July 2009
keep it rocking, 2:00 PM


YAY! Finally,im able to update my bloggie!
Super irritating man! Anyway i updated using streamyx
connection. Not Miov's.. I guess is Mio's problem!
I seriously hate MIO! Always disconnect itself!

Okay, anyway it have been a week! exactly!
I cant really remember all the things we did
but do a lil recap. LOL. Dont worry,
we have lots of PHOTOS! whaahahaha.
Pictures do thee talkingg! :P

-Town the whole day
-Subway for lunch
-Kobayashi for dinner
-Walk & slack around
-Movie (Murderer) Fuckk! the movie sucks seriously.
-Ton at town.
-Got home like 5am in the morning.


Thursday, 23 July 2009
keep it rocking, 8:21 PM


Well, i think some dogs dare leave some cute notes* for me

&even attacked my blog SIOL! Dont even put THEIR NAME
DOWN! Please leh, GET A LIFE. Sadded! I go school and
have fun with classmates also got shoot!~ even my
classmate dont say me why you say ass? why not you look
into your own room mirror before saying me?
I act ''Hansome?'' oh, come on. Since you said this,
it's obvious that you're a guy. I seriously dont know leh.
how ah? how to act? why not you TEACH ME how to
ACT HANDSOME? ROFL! Jealousy?Bitchy~ stop it.

Seriously, which coward dont have the guts to come and

say it to my face and rather choose to leave notes for me..
is it the humiliation you're afraid of? for fear you could be
a hideous looking hump that doesnt have a life but to attack
others and to put down someone else's self esteem?
Well guess what, it only made me more confident!

Sunday, 19 July 2009
keep it rocking, 1:16 PM

Good times.

Went back home to change right after school.
Met up Binni& Wenya at Causeway Point..
We then went to have Sakae for lunch to have
binni's lil belated birthday celebration..
Wahahaha, while waiting to enter sakae..
we bumped into Jonathan.. I feel good,
I dunno why.. managed to talk to him too.
Aiyah, =)))))

After a super full sakae buffet mealz,
Daniel came, after that we went to watch
Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince!

The blogger ...