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Monday, 30 March 2009
keep it rocking, 9:30 PM


I'll need to do some serious shopping lah! arghhhh!
I went to lotsa placeS today.. and still i cant find the
pant i need it for dancee! arse! like no place is selling!
so w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r! some one please tell mee! lol!
okay, alil about today..

-Went to ulter school pant,
-Bus to Queensway shopping mall,
-Cabbed to FarEast plaza,


Sunday, 29 March 2009
keep it rocking, 2:39 PM

I love channel News Asia!

Wahahaha! I know that's like so random.
but I really like it though.. hahahahaha!
You know they have all day long news..
whenever ive nothing to do or im bored
i'll just listen to the news.. =))))

Yeah, other then news and news and news..
They have entertainment shows too!
Like Dynamic Korea and Japan hours!
I love these two thee most! AHAHAHA!
Ima really love that! They do let me know more
and learn more about those countries things!
Such as places to go/foood/mountains/ and more!
Kool isnt it?! Hehehe! News Asia is good! :D

Oh yes, Earth hour/Earth day last night!
I did turn off all the lights and even my computer!
And i hate people who is so not cooperative! and more of
my friends! They're like whatever~ They didnt contribute!
Arghhhh! I kept on telling people that if you didnt
participate you will have bad luck!!! LOL.
Okay, thats a short post about what i wanna say!
that's all!

Saturday, 28 March 2009
keep it rocking, 1:26 AM

I still sleep late last night! oh my gawd! slept like like at
2plus plus and almost 3! Acheness got worsen alil today..
thats great! so that i can sleep and feeel tired! hehehe.
will dance more and make myself ache more! LOL.

So today, Huinaa bestiee, accompany me to schoool!
know where? yahhh, it's College-East!
Paid my school fees, bought my uniforms,
gave all e forms they wants and blahblahblah!
Seriously, im so regret of not getting in into jan intake!
I've two friends in januray intake! i'll be with them
together if im in thereee! oh no. shiat. I hate to be
alone the first day of school and whatever orientation!
Fucccck! I MAY not be going school for orienntation! lol!

But remember when Nlevels result is released..
I'm still in Korea! I actually called from Korea
to check out my results with judith..
And so, I went back school to get my results
after so many days.. almost a week! oh my gawd!
As you know those booklet and stuff are all together
with the result slips.. i cant choose courses and stuff!
If im back earlier or maybe i did quickly checking out
I may in januray intake by noww! like nowwwwww!

But why am i blamming Korea for that? nnono i shldn;t.
I shouldnt blame the trip back to Korea actually!
Cause I love Korea! :D & I really did enjoyed myself
many many many many many many! I'm willing! LOL!
blame myself for not doing things more quickly that time.
Okay, no more nonsense! now wish me luck
forr first few days for school and orientation!

Oh.. yes! Thanks huina(laochen) for accompanying
MEEEEEEEEEE to school today! heheheheee =))))
Unlike some other 2 dont want or cant to go with me.

Yeap, I still have things to do before school reopens!
-Queensway to buy dance stuff.
-Watch finish all the show i want to see!
They are.. Shopaholic! Legend of Chun-Li!
Handsome suit! Knowing! Detroit Metal City!
Fast and Furious 4! School days with a pig! 17 Again!
That was like ALOT OF THEM LEH!! WOO!!!
-Buy a new bag for school.

For now I think thats all for noww.. hehe.


Friday, 27 March 2009
keep it rocking, 12:26 AM

What a day with headache!

So like, I had a bad headache early in the morning.
Should be lack of sleeep you see! like damn worse!
My body clock just changed like crazy lah!
It's like my body live in the time of US but not in spore.
Get what i mean?! It's so hard to changee back! :(
Okay, anyway went to watch Coming Soon today
with Diana... actually wanted to catch other shows..
The legend of chunli or even Shopaholic!
''Lateness AND not being punctual'' screwed the plan!
Let me tell you, the move is HORRIBLE AND LAME!!
I should say, it's not scary at all BUT Its just
FUCKING disgusting with that ugly burnt face
and those people with no eyesss! Most importantly,
the moral of the story just sucks! so cannot make it!
It shouldnt be rated as ''9 out of ten stars of horrorness''
damnnnnn! You'll know if you watched it before.
Well, im only giving 2 / 5 stars for it! ehehehe.
*Check out the ugly face below!*

Okay, enough of the ''lame'' movie.. hmmm, will be going to school tomorrow so yeah, gonna sleep alil early today.. because IM TIREDDD! Hopefully alil changes can be done. hehehe.


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(Antene) Okay, first if all.. let me tell you that it isnt any ''' glow in the dark balls-in-tent thingy'' It's just transparent balls!! and they are colourful lights at the bottom/surroundings of the place you see! HAHAHA! AND, HOW DARE YOU SAY MY BLOG SONG IS ANNOYING AND SUCKS! NOOOO! I LOVE THEM AND THE SONG! HAHAAHAHA! KPOPPP YOU KNOWW! SHINEE :D

(Mirren) Meeerinnn! =))

Tuesday, 24 March 2009
keep it rocking, 2:25 PM

222th post.

Lets ALL make a different!

Four days from now!
Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations. VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour. Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm! =D

Monday, 23 March 2009
keep it rocking, 2:25 PM


Unable to do the thing that i really wants,
really make me feel like a super super failure..
sigh, this lead me to think more of my future and life.
Is this my destiny? fate? should i give up on it?
Can i change it? :(

I hope im able do that.

Saturday, 21 March 2009
keep it rocking, 2:25 PM

Family chalet!

Finally i got my chalet photos and uploaded here.
I've got no idea why cant i transfer the photo from
my phone to my comp! I just did using sis's notebook.
Whatever~ anw sorry for late update abt this.
The chalet on the 19& 20 March.
It's 2day 1 night chalet & we have got 3rooms.
Okay, so this is it!
Dayy 1!

Pictures above are all in Day1. hohoho!
*Not all of them are included.. soz for lefting out*
But actually this is a family chalet.. so it
includes my family of course, my godmummy's family, my 6th aunt family, and my cousins. Yup, I dont know why i forget to take photo of them -.-!! Anyway, chalet was good. BUT, im so tired! Maybe is because of dance achenesss + wildwildwet tiredness! So i rest quite early but got up later in the night. Oh ya, forget to mention that we went wildwildwet! It was good too.

Yesh! Catched a midnight show, PUSH with my cousin and lil bro.. It was rather confusing lah but it's nicee. It's a Action, Thriller moviee. Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Telepathy! The world of psychic espionage where the ability to move objects using only the mind, see the future, create new realities and kill without ever touching the victim can turn a person into lethal weapon. How scary is that? but i would like to have Chris Evan's psychic power! LOLOLOL! catch it!

Dayy 2!

Yeahh, day2! Alil-bit not feeling well the next day! I look alil pale in the photo where we're having higheat.. LOL. That's the end of chatlet man. After leaving pasir ris, we headed to changi village for lunch& home. Again, It was good.. went smoothly.. But i have this to say! go chalet right, best thing is with family! know why? Because they'll book the room, ordering bbq stuff, set up, money just EVERTHING is planned.. LOL. we'll just have to go there and relax. HAHAHA. that's good, isnt it XD

OKAYYYY, thats the end of thee post! hope you've enjoyed it. I need more comments! Dont view and run! leave a message!=)) HAHA.

Lastly, a new song for you guys!

누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) [Boom Track] - 샤이니 (SHINee)



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