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Friday, 31 October 2008
keep it rocking, 11:11 PM


Second post for the day! That's rare! Ahahaha!
Slowly walking down the streets, visiting each
and every of the people house there is really cool!
'' Happy Halloween '' & there you go! SWEETS, CHOCO!!
Most of the house is decorated so nicely.
We had spent a total of 1.5 hour there walking! haha=)
Monsters, humanare all on the road! LOL!
Heehee! fun day! Ehhh! next year we'll be monster
and going there again kk! HAAHAAA.
Alright.. i have got nice photos! *i know u wanna see* XD
Let thee picture do the talking now!


keep it rocking, 3:45 PM


Oh tired tired tired! I only slept five hours last night!
Sleepy@.@ should i take a nap now?! hahaha. I catched

with Joanna in the afternoon! It was nice and great!
I found that, this time they really put in alot of effort
in all of their clothings! Everyone's outfit is so awesome!
yeah... haahaa! you, should catch it real soon!

And last thing! I REALLY LOVE THEIR POSTER! =)

Yup, I have one an a half hour before meeting my friends
for halloween party i guess.. *Bring Plastic bag* LOL!
Blogging now, bloging now! Ima going to rest for awhile.
Lastly, i guess i found a job! wahahhaaa! neeeda go
for a job interview on monday! woohoo.
ok ciao! post later!

Thursday, 30 October 2008
keep it rocking, 11:55 PM


Hi myself... haha.. gonna do a short post..
to get my blog! updated! if not dead like shyt.. yeah... :)
Today i woke up super early at 9! then meet peiyee
at yishun and we went amk and catched
'' the coffin '' quite nice.. and scary! but the fact is
i wasnt scare of the movie, its the person beside me keep on
screaming and pulling me -_-'' !
kkz then i spent some time at velocity myself..
went to thee bookstore and look through some stuff.
so had dance just now! was funnn and interesting!
but im really a slow learner! mann. cant really followe
and get to the beat tsktsktsktsktsktsktsktsk!
sooo another have passed! Hmmm.. something weird
happen today.. but nothing much.. only that..
todays time from like 12 - 6 PASSED SO SLOW..
as if i waited the two days?!!?? gosh LOL.
oh ya!! stupid jolibean make my bag so smelly!!! idiot.
kk! jiayou for audition and dance for myself.. =p
byeeee!!! peeeps! 3 more paper for o right! jiayou too!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008
keep it rocking, 12:54 PM


Hey there... got 2 competition coming!
Css3 and another one in hereeen this saturday..
people wanna go pls tell me ^^
Check this out for more details:


Sunday, 26 October 2008
keep it rocking, 10:38 PM

Happy birthday, Mummy.

Today's is my mum's birthday! 26 October!
So, yesterday we had a big birthday party at my house.
My mum's friends, father's friends came over and
even all my aunties were all here...
Games, foods everything is nicely planned.
people all started to leave around 1 or 2 hahaha..
i went to bed at almost 4am! its a super tired day.
yeah.. gonna end my post and some pictures below..
for now, im gonna wish my mummy...
to stay healthy, pretty, sexy!, and most importantly
to be happy always!! I love you, and we love you♥!

Getting ready :)



Friday, 24 October 2008
keep it rocking, 11:46 PM


Woooooooooo! So happy because i've seen my idols today!! which is 大嘴巴! Lin you jia, and liew li yang!! yeah, so each of them sang two songs.. 7pm should start liao but the drag until 7.30! da pai people is like one LOL. Yeah!! AISA IS DAMN PRETTY. Shes like chio until no one is chio-er then her can LMAO. soooo pretty! =) I just love DA ZUI BA LOTS <3333 Pictures below!! * nothing much.. so today just go other to accompany mummy for shopping.. then back to causeway again for this event.. Tomorrow's my Mummy's party! so will be having a bigg party tomorrow.. another year have passed so quickly.. i still can remember when jonathan and josephine came last time! hahaa! kkz, ciao!! have fun tomorrrow! :)



大嘴巴 - 結果咧

Their new song.

And Lin you Jia..

The blogger ...