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Tuesday, 20 November 2007
keep it rocking, 10:05 PM

Today is arron bday so...
two more hours, gotta say byebye to his birthday.
wonder what they are doing. LMAO.
tired. today work till 5pm.
tml gotta reaching early. so going sleep soon.
maybe watching doremon soon! wee.
nights ciao

Sunday, 18 November 2007
keep it rocking, 8:28 PM

hello! back from work alrdy, now at home blogging lol.
so like went old woodlands with mummy.
had kfc for breakfirst.
after that meet up bestie at his house ytd.
went cwp met up peishan and train to orchard.
to wisma, didn;t change size for my
baseball shirt lol. help sis bought yida's top at topman.
went taka to find dyonna jie.
i called her but she say she's not working on sunday. lol
ok nvm. to cold storage, bought besti bought sushi.
had mac for lunch at taka.
omg was like having mac all this fast f
ood eeverytime. sucks! lmao.
walk around and met up elder bro.
lol he's distributing flyers at the tunnel.
lent his sp student pass and headed heeren& cineleisure.
was finding a white havaianas
for myself eh but didn't get one. sad.
went vivo, the purpose there was to find a white havaianas!
BUT DONT HAVE! argh. maybe i'll go sometime later lol.
it was like seven alrdy, so train back to woodlands
and home with bestie.
christmas is coming! i luv christmas! it rawks! :D
gonna have lots of event during dec!
come fast! antene gonna come back from aussie too
ahaha. seeyou soon! ehehe.(:


he look tiko LMAO.

Saturday, 17 November 2007
keep it rocking, 2:27 PM

hello! this stupid blogg was lagging like f.
so like ytd went for work.
my ever first work lmao. work up around woke,
and super suey! i cabb from bukit
gombak to the lianhua pri
but i went to the wrong school! omfg.
at first i though the boss was lieing to me.
i decide to call him and
scold him! @%!@&@ LOL
but when i deicde to call him the last time
he picked up.ok so i cab there again.
i cabbed twice! to find the school. is like
haven earn money i spend quite alot yesterday lol.
ok nvm. met new freinds. quite fun eh.
but it's suepr tiring can.
i even have muscle cramp now LMAO.
lucky today no work. i sept so quite early last night.
next week will not that tiring already.
we almost load all the books already.
woke up during at 1 plus lol. gonna work
the whole next week! mon to sat.
next week, gonna sell books! so can slack la xD
maybe will be going out tomorrow to see doremon the movie. lmao.
alright still very sleepy and tiring now.
gonna blog more sooon.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007
keep it rocking, 10:09 PM

Hello! quite someday didn't post alrdy.
came back from swimming.
so like today met up wenya &binni in the mornig.
went civic& withdraw money.
wenya's cardigan so funny can. lmao.
it's over her butt alrdy ahahaha!
train to orchard, went cineleisure check
if there's doremon sneak preview today. but no. aww sad.
went paragon awhile. that gashapon sucks lol.
wenya roll exactly the same
one the second time! ahaha.
headded to shaw house, the same thing again.zzz.
the counter woman like so whatever,
my gawd feeling like giving her a slap!
give attitude one.
walk to wisma, bought two topman shirt for myself. ehehe.
train-ed to vivo,
had burger king for lunch! finally
can eat my french bk chicken<33333!>gonna try swiss one another day! lol.
walked around, after that they wanted to go
queensway, and look for huina so
we train back to woodlands.
met up elder bro, went sporting house bought goggle. lol.
reached home, changed& went for swimming wohoo.
so tired now, gotta have dinner soon.
blog more soon! i got lots of moive to see!
goodbye world! (:

wy playing my ds lmao.

the very fun cooking mama!LOL

they two looks stupid like this.

Mr& mrs smith! LMAO

Friday, 9 November 2007
keep it rocking, 9:25 PM

was so suey today eh.
had a great dream wahhaha.
woke up at 9, sis was preparing and going out soon,
so went back to sleep.
woke up at 12.30. omg pig so late alrdy
mum keep on rushing me.
bathe, changed and went out.
forgotten to brign ezlink card. so went around
woodlands centre and change for coins but
they're SO stingy! piss me off. the coin was right infront there and
they say no no no no. argh.
met menya& binni at cwp. bought a pouch.
train to orchard. walk aimlessy then to
paragon. eheh. fun. played this game
called island war so fun can. lmao. i took some pic too.
headed fareast, wanted to have burger king but
was under-renovation so had kfc for lunch.
went wisma topman. ahhh!
im super clothes addict now. really have lots of
clothes to buy. i need like hundred over plus? my gawd.
but im broke. LOL
went back to woodlands, i waited for 950 for
almost 40min! wth.
reached home, so im blogging now. so tired lar.
start work next wed! my ever first job(: eheheh.
gotta hav dinner alrdy, blog soon!
bye world.

There! very fun lmao.
the very cute& fun machine.

bob builder? lol.

bumble bee lmao.

Sunday, 4 November 2007
keep it rocking, 10:05 PM

meet up wenya& binni this afternoon.
i was late abit only larh, dont complaint so much!(:
bought cheese waffler.
took 960 to marin parade.
walk all the way from the busstop
to east coast. so tired can lol.
rent bike. it's says '' rent one hour free one hour '' lmao.
so cycled around. wenya& her lil brat sis
cycle so damn slow! so we've to like stop here and there
wait for her! slow poke!
rest at a empty place, walk along the beach.
so shoik lar& pretty(: ehehe.
i love see breeze!
had mac for lunch. same thing! fillet-o-fish whaahahah.
walked along the seaside again.
saw this two fat indian guy so funny, one of them
act as if he's drowning then the other one was like
running from the shore, dive and save him LMAO.
they both make us cant stop giggling.
left shortly, bus-ed back to woodlands& home.
blog again soon.(:
i want go jurong swimming!

Saturday, 3 November 2007
keep it rocking, 4:30 PM

hello! woke up around eleven lol what a bored day.
actually was going to east coast but changed it to tomorrow.
meet up louise, jx at cwp in the afternoon ytd.
walk around cwp for sometime.
train to orchard, went cine& heeren.
awww! im clothes addict now. lmao.
i got lots of cloth to buy! need a job! but most of need
age 16 lar. so angry.
meet up sm, then went marina groove.
had steamboat for dinner.
omg it sucks big time!
i didn't eat anything, so dirty& lousy!
and each person 13bucks! i might as well go seoul garden.lol.
went to this lousy arcade.
i guess jx didn't play daytona before, you can laugh
at her non-stop while she's playing LOL.
left marina around eight plus then back to bestie house.
i wan go jurong east SWIMMING!
Weeee, going east coast tomorrow.
blog more tml ciao.

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