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Sunday, 30 December 2007
keep it rocking, 3:26 PM

woke up around nine pplus ytd.
dad drop sis& me at cwp. had alit snack for breakfirst
at lib, galilee or something lol.
met up antene ltr& trained to orchard.
we chatted so loudly like nobody business LOL.
walked around wisma.
antene bought a schu slipper. eh half price off! lmao.
wanted to buy one for sis but no size. too bad=p
headed to cine. bought two tix for '' im legend '' at 445pm.
neoprint with antene lol. will update neoprints ltr.
after that went hip dinner usa for lunch.
i luv ocean fish chips<333

took pics while waiting lol.
walked around heeren, and we saw this guy wearing
somekind of janpanese kind of slipper and we
cant stoop laughing HAHAHA.
looks toot man. shld snap a photo of him
and posted here!
so back to cine for moive. ok the movie was
damn scary! antene was like '' omg yujieh can we leave the theatre? ''
you're scared and me too LOL.
stupid her! cried because the main actor died - . -
ending abit stupid. if the main actor didn't die will be better lar.
separated ways after movie. went wheelock.
god. damn embarrassing! limited excceded while
purchasing the complete seed. find sis for help LOL.
went tnaglin for where she's working. borrowed from her
and went back for it.
back home together after she's dismissed.
school gonna reopen SOON. HELL NO;(

caught her stealing my food! LOL happy eating LOL.where am i look at? - .-

Friday, 28 December 2007
keep it rocking, 9:38 PM

Man so tired this few days. just bathe and im blogging now(:
i watched ailen verses predator2 last night.
it was like hmm quite boring though. previous one is better.
& there gonna be part lll! lol. i wacthed like 5 - 6 moive in 2 months
omfg. broke now.
okay so today like met up andy in the morning and had mac for breakfirst.
while waiting for antene& xinfang arrival.
set off the jurong east. actually wanted to play ds
in the train but didn't cause memory card spoilt!;(
some games can't play and it kept auto delete my saved file!
gotta get a new one tomorrow. waste money again!
okay so chit chatted plus listen song lol.
dropped at jurong east station and head to jurong
capital mall or something.
payed and went it. got our ice skate shoe*
my 2nd time playing lmao. bought the glove, super orbit like those
farmers use one lol. and it cost $3!!!
alright, so like skate and rest skate and rest cause its painful!
skated for like three hours.
went to imm for dinner. i ate quite alot!
- soy chicken noodle
- barley drink
- two toast bread
- one donut
& antene's milk tea lmao.
we're all complainting tired here and there haahah.
train back to woodlands& home.
will be going orchard& bugis tomorrow!

Thursday, 27 December 2007
keep it rocking, 12:23 AM

hello! im back. super tired& sleepy now. lol.

so like met up daniel under his block in the morning.
after that to cwp to meet others. bus-ed to antene's house,
and when we saw her she was like omg hi! AHAH.
passed present to her and she got me a white tee from aus.
and necklace for them. ehehe thanks.
wait for xf and andy arrival then trained to orchard.
walk around. went cineleisure and took neoprint! woo
that machine maybe sucky cuz when the thing came out
i look as if i draw eye liner lmao.
headed to neeann city amd had lunch for seoul garden.
just now they made me so damn pek chek.
and finally go in after ten mins of discussion -.- lol.
chit-chatted while eating. took like 2 hour in there.
had lots of fun with you guys today! i love you all :D
after that went separated ways.
accompained dan to funna mall or something and
he bought the latest model computer omg.
19 inches somemore. i want it!~ lmao.
back to cwp, bought billabong pencil case or next year
and cab to dad's office. going bathe now.
& will be going ice skating on this friday weeee!
ciao! love you all(:

Tuesday, 25 December 2007
keep it rocking, 10:14 PM


had quite a good christmas today with a joker.
alright, so like train to orchard.
exchanged present in the morning,
AHA! i got gary's gift. cup for cup lmao.
but mine still got a tee from hk okay! lol.
More worst i got a clean and clear facial washing toner and moisturizer-.-
nvm, at least they had fun yesterday.
road show today at orchard. so the whole road
got no car! walking on the road like my dad owns it LOL.
cineleisure bought three ticket for national treasure.
saw shawn and other campus super star at minitoons!
lol. bumped in to jo too.
headed to heeren, shop around.
actually wanted to buy a spencer from urban male
but didn't at last sad. i want it so much!
and wtf with lucky plaza? its so crowded with philz maids.
and is like the WHOLE mall is full of them my god.
rushed out and back to cine for movie.
national treasure( book of secret )
oh manthe show is so awesome and exciting. love it man.
four and a half star for it!(: worth watching! WATCH IT NOW LOL.
went plaza sing awhile and back to woodlands
met up sis and home. gonna bathe now and sleep soon.
super tired. blog more soon!
will be going town again tomorrow ciao!

The cookie i baked myself!


xmas prezzie i wrap myself lol.

gary's gift

They stand like stupid.

The blogger ...