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Saturday, 28 June 2008
keep it rocking, 12:26 PM

This two days is really great..
soo fun& happy with MSians..

school have reopened.
haven been to ms for three days!
so thursday meet up ben, elson, shanshan& vivian.
had mac for lunch.
after that, we trained to dobhy ghaut.
went The Cathay, and bought our tickets for driving lesson.
oh my. i got no words to discribe it.
during the show... me & ben really going crazy.
so actually we're talking to each other hahahax.
and i think it's really a boring show till someone
behind us fell asleep! hahahax!! so funny.
i only know that granny loves to say '' fuck, you little fucker! ''
yess so after some explanation by Elson and the trailers
i get to know more about it.
After that, bought our nasi lemak& to MS
for their dancee lesson.

When i got home it's already 2 in the midnight.
super tired! i brush my teeth,
then went to sleep without bathing.. hahahx.
i just read this at friendster.. its says
''You should be feeling good about who you are, in general, right now. Don't hide your faults or apologize for them. Just let all your strengths shine a little bit brighter to make up for them.''
like so true!! hahax

hmm, so i meet up Ben Aww!! my tutor!!
after school... went home bath
and wad so ever. then we went to the library.
Started out first lesson.
ben is so serious.. is like more serious then me omg.
i got a picture below.. hahax!
but seriously at least i learnt something
yesterday!! thanks alot benben ^^
we left library around 4plus then waited
for Elson at breadtalk..
On our way to MS, we veri kan chiong
becuz ben is late for his lesson..
hha.. elson& ben remeber that woman?
'' no ao!! only aw or au '' ahaha.

yeah, had my Last Vocal Lesson on 27June:(
so im really really abit excited& scare about the test!
Tommy did some warm up with us before
starting practising for out test song..
im so satisfied during the practise with Tommy.
But when i went for the actual test,
i felt i did so lousy. im really really sad.
The room system is not that good.
i cant hear myself much so im like wth..
i prefer the one we always sing& play in that lil room.
Got 72/100 for basic vocal test.
well.. no point sadding also..
yes im going continue singing.
its 1.22pm right now.. im going to prepare now..
going out with ben, elson& sharon later..

Playing vivian's DS


nice rightt.
PCDS lover.

shan& leon. *using my phone to take -.-*
Cool. Dance lesson.
look!! he's so serious.. burger monster omg.

after my test..

crazyy people haahax.

Monday, 23 June 2008
keep it rocking, 7:35 PM

[Edited] added photo/added words 24june

Happy birthday Hsinwen& Zhuming :)
yong yuan; yong yuan; yong yuan; yong yuan de kuai le
yong yuan; yong yuan; yong yuan; yong yuan de kuai le
yong yuan; yong yuan; yong yuan; yong yuan de kuai le
Yong yuan de kuai le! HAHAHA.
Yawns!* i just woke up from a 2hour nap. *TIRED*!!!
i cant take it anymore.. feel like dying omg.
yesterday's class cancelled and i wasn't informed..
ah whatever. khim& leon came not long after.
so we went maxwell coffee shop to eat..
evening time, we went kovan's superstar to support cindy..
had mac for dinner last night. *macspicy* nicenice! hhahax.
by the time we got to khimmie's house.. its already night le.
ahaha! khimm so soo xiang khim mummyy..
more& more came. elson, sharon came then
hsin wen, christ, veron they guys came as well.
we gave her a lil surprise by hiding the cake..
then a birthday song... hahahx :)
we all actually chit chatted, other playing mahjong.
i was watching er zuo ju er wen with khim they all
in thee living room.. omg.. watch until 5.30 then sleep.
seven plus woke up again. went expo city harvest church.
Although it's is so tiring, but its super duper fun with MSians.
I enjoyed it alot:) everyone must have enjoyed it too!
Never been so happy in a long time! had sooo much fun
from sentosa trip all the way to now.. its like 3 week ba..
Spending time with friends is always very very enjoyable...
Yea, and manage to make many new friends too:)
khim is tired. she told me she slept till 2plus!
HAHAHA. kkz, sorry for the mess.
hmmm so after that elson, me& sharon went home.
then ben went hsinwen house for steamboat..
sorryyy bennn for not joining..
school tomorrow! ahhhhhh shit. bored like hell.

key board.

sentosa tram's photo.

khimmy& meveron -_- i look like ghost in here.

sot sot woman jia liao biibear& mireen
baichi -_-

caught joyce eating at desk!!this photo look artistic huh.. hahax
model on the road
thinking wad?

khim confused.
he called me jian!! rah.
happi birthday two..

bday song..

shocked face LOL.
act cute noww.
mahjong playerss.

casino in khim's room..

mireen cheaters... AHAHX

sharon, veron, vindy& me :)

i saw sharon's face HAHA.
opps.. elson in his dream..


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