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Wednesday, 29 August 2007
keep it rocking, 8:45 PM

School SUCKS totally;[

Went to catched a 5.30pm with siblings just now. Watched evan almighty. Actually im going to doze off because im really tired but i didn't! wahahaa. A Comedy and it talks about god stuff, it was really nice(: Catch that moive if you're free.

My phone was confiscated by billy yu and he doesn't want to return me ;[

Sigh, i found that we can't really communicate now. It may lead us to a big misunderstanding if this continues :[
Maybe it's not what i thinked, but its like ..... sigh. What to do next? Silence, Silence & Silence?!

Dont be so secretly :[

Sunday, 26 August 2007
keep it rocking, 2:45 PM

didn't blog for a long time.. overnight at john hosue yesterday(: have a fun time.
watched rush hour with jiaxin yesterday, nice and funny. my mood wasn't that good, and wenya decided to go imm with me and shop around(: nothing much and i have some photo to share with you.

Look at the greenie shoe LOL.

I love that!

My pretty mannequin


Thursday, 16 August 2007
keep it rocking, 6:12 PM

i wish i can pass my math.

today hair-styling was fun! we got new mannequin, they told us that we'll do perming today but i did nothing LOL kept doing my own stuff. I found out that my mannequin looks ugly, then i took a marker and draw eye liner HAHA! & i spent quite some time on it because i wanted the mannequin to look like avril!& it looks so so so real!
Tomorrow should i slack or should i watch '' secret ?''.. but im not that inerested for that show& i have no where else to go.. poor boy;[
70% Avril&
Look at the eyeliner i drew! lmao.

China girl!


Went to study for exam(:

Friday, 10 August 2007
keep it rocking, 10:17 PM

Wednesday pics

keep it rocking, 9:39 PM

i have forgotten some of the things happen this few days, so i didn't blog for the past few days.

yesterday went to marina with sol&jas to watch firework! :D
we're sitting at starbucks while waiting for firework, so we sat for like about 2hours?! haha! & i ordered this chocolate cream chip, super expensive hahaha!
jiaxin was so stupid that she dont even know how to go to marina square! so i went all the way from starbucks to fetch her in!! walk-ed very long distance okay!& she never even say thanks T_T i went to find hamka, asraf and alif too! they're wearing the uniform looks cute hahaha!
Jas was so evil! she kept LAUGH at people's outfit la! &theres one girl who wore this red tee and with BIG ELMO and she's laughing like crazy LOL! Chitt-chatted for quite a long time.

Firework suddenly started when i was talking to hamka, he told me '' firework start already faster go see'' then i was like huh?! we faster ran out and catch a good view. but there is a hotel blocking us :( so we only see like 2/3 ofthe firework. The firework was shortly five mins but nice. Jas kept hugging the pillar and said she missed her pillow. go gome sleep! after that we both are playing indian catching game! tapping each 0ther shoulder, hiding around the pillar and running about. Was so crazy having fun yesterday :D

At about 9.30 pm, we decided to go home & that dad came to fetch me at marina maderin or something& he drop me off at john's house.

Sunday, 5 August 2007
keep it rocking, 5:28 PM

Saturday, 4 August 2007
keep it rocking, 9:44 PM

fri after school, went to bishan with a group of crazy people including me[:
god, jia xin was so so so not honest! we went kfc and the cashier woman forgot to ask jiaxin to pay up and she ate a free lunch :o! & she was so happy -.-
as for today, went t0 orchard and walk-walk. met up louise after that and have lots of fun.
alright, let the picture do the talking now.

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