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Tuesday, 29 January 2008
keep it rocking, 8:14 PM

hello friends
i just knew that nadiah read my blog everytime
AHHA! hello nadiiah!!~
kay, just got home from guitar lesson.
pek chek playing '' bass solo'' super hard.
zz boring.
went salon just now.
while waiting for my turn, i found out that i lost
my billabong pouch again FUCK IT!
i lost the 4th one already! =(
bought 3 myself, each cost $11

& one sister gave me. sad! kept losing my pouch.
so had a hair cut. super short like shit now.
AHH, class photo tomorrow or wednesday!
stupid azah caught me.
anyway today recess this girl damn no manners one(5N)
helped her stopped her 1DOLLAR coin then eileen asked
whose one? that girl said '' MY ONE '' like sccare
we steal her money rofl.
so eileen pick up and gave her, rude ASShoole
girl cant even say THANKS.
so i said loudly at her& she stare at me. rofl.
w/e, lazy care such loser.
three more days to go to saturday! woo.
& currently im watching kong zhu xiao mei,
veri nice!(:
i something funny to tell maybe next post
kay gonna have dinner now then disc 5!

yk, maybe i've regretted. you still look unhappy with it! sigh.
but i hope we're still friends.

wenya say i look like bestie-.- not at all! lalalas.

Saturday, 26 January 2008
keep it rocking, 6:54 PM

back home. woke up at nine in morning.
met up bestie& friends at library.
had mac for breakfirst, train down to orchard.
went heeren, walked around. saw ron there lol.
catched the mist* at two pm.
aw my taste for movie really sucks now.
again, the ending is stupid.
watched like five movie continuously like that
esp cloverfiled& vanished.
actually wanted to have seoul for lunch/dinner but didn't.
bestie& ps left.
dad fetched me at neeanncity and home.
wasted my last pair of lenese! zzz.
i haven shop for my new year cloth!
im tired of something. sigh.
back home. woke up at nine in morning.

Friday, 25 January 2008
keep it rocking, 7:50 PM

kay, just back from from guitar lesson.
teacher quite pissed off with me cause theres something
on my mind and i cant concentrate on my beats. =\
quite tired this to days.
i told mum, '' im sick ''.
knwo what she replied? '' aiyah, you everyday say same thing ''
LMAO. im really lazy to attend some days ~,~
ESP tuesday! ah sucks.
so like went bishan with shimei after school.
slept for like 15mins on the train. really tired @.@
had kfc for lunch. meltz <333>

walked around juntion8, cd shops, bookstore,
comic connections, action city, game store& arcade.
lol. i must be crazy to remember where i went.
two of us had not went out for some time ahah.
chit chatted alot(:
back to woodlands, kranji& home.
24th's jan-!
a scary afternoon, seeing quite alot student crying while
tallking on phone& some just walked away after collecting result.
sister got 20 after minusing cca point i think. yida 19.
cheachea& tecklong or alvin got 14! goodgood!
wendy 25!she say she's happy cause she only aim for math to pass.
dyonna jie 17! yay she must be happy(:
alicia 18/19. she failed math. sad!
sigh! my national exam coming in months!
super scare =\
im already in normal i dont wanna get super lousy result man.
gotta pull up my sock!

will be going out with bestie tomorrow.

Monday, 21 January 2008
keep it rocking, 8:31 PM

Back from dental!
aww, i was like had lunc hwith wy& bn then
rush home and to dental appointment.
i just got home like 8.15?
was in the room for like 1hour 30mins plus again.
kay, its quite late. there's still thing for me to do.
anyway, i choose green& white colour band on my braces
look quite good ehehe.
i gottta eat my two donut i bought just now =p
huang jin lu last episode today!
so exciting lmao.
ah, things make me paiseh in class just now.
so kind of you mdm azar!(:
she actually like secretly planned something with malay
student in our class& gave us like alil surprise.
Ain who sit beside me gave me a hapyp new year card lar:D
thanks man. i got whole class signature too. eheh.
shidah to eileen, nabila to gary, izat to morina,
shuashuani to hui fang LOL.
that's all i can remember.
school tomorrow, super long day! assembly ah shit.
sudden remember of thee trip to aus. =\
like two month more.

gonna have dinner nao, ciao!

''To Nicholas: Thank you, for letting me know. My blog song is 'its the end of the road' by Matt Goss. All the best for your Nlevel.''
-Junzhi, dont tell your parent about it kay, im not on purpose to '' complaint to you'' lol. anyway thanks for the goodluck on Nlvls.

Sunday, 20 January 2008
keep it rocking, 10:18 PM

kay, i guess everything have ended.
just back from a restaurant.
super full. school tomorrow, gonna bathe
and sleep soon.
gonna rush back after school and go for dental
everyday will be a better day ahead!
sister they all gonna get result on thursday i think.
Good luck, god bless!(:
junzhi, i saw your brother yesterday.
if im not wrong he's smoking away

outside heeren.
anyway what's your blog song?
josephine, maybe you hate people copying you?
words or clothes. what's with the
fleshimp tee i bought? why cant i? lol
just dont call people loser or copycat thats it!(:
you can reply on my tag board.
ggeri, i dont know who you're helping just now
in the conver but it have ended already.
see you in school!(:


keep it rocking, 1:48 AM

back home, midnight now.
super sleepy lol. haven bathe yet but going soon.
so like met up bestie and peishan in da afternoon,
went orchard,
had hip dinner usa '' billy bomber '' for lunch.
didn't took any pic aha. bored of it.
& then catched cloverfied.
kay it sucks. 2/5!
the ending is so wtf?.
went heeren and bought flesh imp tee.
went taka, had japanese noodle.
&lastly a chocolate hazel hut ice cream!
yummy. ehehe. i had a fun day(:
so train back to woodlands, bumped into henry& noelle ahah(:
then met up bro at cwp and waited for sis.
sis was like so high after jay's concert ahha.
saw this from junzhi's blog. '' 18th post ''
'' Okay look, this boy called Nicholas had been bugging with my girlfriend.C'mon man. One more time you spread her name I'll make sure fists are all over your face! Do you wish to see your braces dropped off? My brother is a busy man. I don't wish to complain to him, boy! Wake up. It's 2008!!! Rat year!!! ''
ha! look, a half boy half girl called shane junzhi.
said i've been bugging jo? what a joke.
she started it with me first and complaint it all around.
one more time? &who do you think you're?
COME'ON. i told her if she leave me alone i'll too.
yeah, so? its rat year. want a greeting from me?
kay here it is. happy new year :D
you know what? why did you keep saying people copy you?
copy? copy ? copy? omg bhb lar.you think you princess?
and everything copyrighted BY YOU JO?
i buy fleshimp tee need you to care?
&if you're saying me BOOTLICKER , then you're wad? WOMANIZER? hoho.
another post by junzhi. '' Finally after some tired hopping, then able to hop to Nichcolas's blog.& finally remember how he look like.What?'Womanizer'I don't get it. Which dictionary are you using?There's no such word.Even the closest to it is womanhood?Hello?!If I'm not wrong you are using your own dictionary.Which is your brain.I forgot you are a technical student.I think what you should do now is to work hard & hopefully jumped to NA stream.Opps!!! Again, you are already sec4.Aww... no chance.No, I cannot judge you like this.Maybe you are good in sports.But again, are you?I've got to ask around.Oh man! I can't believe I just hit the bull's eyes!& that is why you are unhappy with your life.Maybe I can do you a little favour by making it more exciting
aiya, who said i hate my life? i love myself.
i am happy begin who im you know!(:
anyway im lazy to care those shit stuff on your blog.
who the hell you think you can judge me?
judge yourself before saying others(:
second time threatening me? come on, you're 18th already if im not wrong.
express so what? can look us down? what's bad about tech student? also human man.

HA. sincee you said that means you're sayign all tech's student you know.
even your BABY's brother.
and please dont, DONT speak so highly of yourself although you're perfect alright cause you're not.
in this world there are much more better person then you.
you got a such nice song on your blog but you're not nice.
by the way, jo said she ignored me. kay good. since she did that
so am i, im goonna ignore you all.
so from today onwards. no more posting about each other.
but if you still gonna do that then i wil too.
kay bye :D

Friday, 18 January 2008
keep it rocking, 6:50 PM

im back home back home!~
its friday its friday LOL. and i love friday lots.
hmm, was stuck in between spore& msia in da morning
for like almost 2hour! so sleepy& i couldn't sleep
cause there's idiots talking so loudly.
aw forget it.
cabb-ed, sent lil brother to school& off to school.
reached school at 8.30. and straight away for pe.
this new pe teacher so '' gong dai '' when bell rang,
he so kan chiong cause malays people rushing him
so he digged his pocket to find classroom key and knw what?
he accidentally pull his short down LMAO.
WHITE UNDERWEAR! we all laugh like hell can.
eh, love jamie chia class AHA. we three talk

so loudly in class like nobodys business LOL.
talk to gary about that SENSITIVE girl who hate copycat-er.
you can gossip bout me, cause i did the same thing too.
went cwp after school.
had my favourite pizza hut for lunch!:D
i'll miss them soon, pain will be coming in days.
bumped into lots of woodgrover inside.
gary wasn't that happy. cause he said ellisa diao him lol.
k wadever, catched 3;20pm '' Vanished''
ah, sucks like shit. 1/5 -.-
going out for dinner soon~
maybe will be going out with bestie& ps tomorrow!
HA, you do have a big mouth jo.

stop begin a shiter, telling everyone that people
is a copycat& childish.
look at yourself first before saying me.
Mind your words(:

He's shy LOL.

look at her AHAH.

My with braces ~.~

Thursday, 17 January 2008
keep it rocking, 4:36 PM

Back from school. hehe.
so far had very much fun from the day school starts.
tomorrow's friday!
maybe will be catching a movie tomorrow.
i read this from a person blog '' & y'know, school is slowly turning into a no standard school. Beng-ish students and full of shit actors. You know who.Anyway, only copy cats do the same reply. Awww, sucha loser! I don't mind leaving my name in your tagboard thou. Because... you are nothing but a piece of shit. Because what you said to others, I heard it all. Mind yourself and all your words, people are watching and listening. If you don't learn your lesson, one day you'll definitely get it. ''
firstly, who's the beng? im always good in school doing well with no TROUBLE.
hmm actor? oh good. i shld be a actor:D
if im a piece of shit, so are you. whats good with you?
i've alrdy stop that quarrel and you fucking come find trouble again.
sad, i think that GIRL still not so happy with me though LOL.

that's a L-O-S-E-R man.
'' one day you'll definitely get it ''? HA. whos the '' shit actor '' NOW?
dont be a shiter please thanks. what age already still so childish.

You leave me alone& i'll leave you alone too!(:

Monday, 14 January 2008
keep it rocking, 7:36 PM

heyheyhey friends~
im back from dental ehehe.
aw im smelly haven bathe yet lol.
my new everlast school so fast dirty liao sad.
kay firstly today in school was = suey.
adelin had fight today during recess time
& we quarrel with stupid liew tiantian because she
scolded us '' stupid '' rofl. stupid china woman.
so like after school, i went to eat all my favourite;D
-laska mee
-seaweed chicken
-zinger mail PLAIN
-orea crunch!
actually wanted to eat more but didn't.
cause im gonna miss them for a long time ;(
kay so saw ms judith while on the way to causeway lol.
she kept ask me to have a good good meal
before going for dental -.-
make me so worry lol but its ok.
shes rushing to orchard for teachers meeting.
so met up shimei and friends. had lunch together.
waited for mummy while smsing to a
new friend eheh.dental just now.
woah i tell you, they inject annesthetic
into my gum 11times! see paint anot.
and then extract teeth, thats the most scary part lol.
im in the room for 2hour! T_T
my heart was beating 2 hour straight non-stop
but luckily i never die LOL. i snapped a photo of
my extracted teeths.
the root is sooooooo long.
shocked me ahah. so braces on now.
still got two teeth to extract maybe three month later.
got a MC from them ;D
holiday for me tomorrow weee.
hmm im gonna find my picture with out braces.
& post my braces picture next time.
oh yea dan i send you the neos alrdy so pls
keep to your promise~! (:
OHOHOH! i got neo liao ;D gonna update some 26/27,
neos prints pictures! with my daries <3>
& lastly MY TEETH HURTS.
seeya ciao!




Sweety& me.

Sweety& me.

Sweety& me.

Sweety& me.

Sweety& me.

Princess& prince!XD
i did it ahah.
serious on work? goood.
Me without braces(1)

Me without braces(2)

LOOK at the root omfg.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008
keep it rocking, 6:18 PM

Hi friends! lol.
im back from school. super tiring man!;C
ok this is my new year resolution.

[get good grades for nlvls!& strongerXD]
last few days was finnee. but boring! two more days
to saturday lol. yawns.
ytd slept while and woke up during
midnight to watch '' 娱乐百分百'' AHHA.
ah shit, im going for braces.
the dentist just stuff some rubber thing into my teeth
ytd and made me pain like hell.
had lunch at cwp just now& i ate '' min hun kuuey ''
wa i tell you, really a long time since i eat a bowl of food -.-
swallow piece by piece . took thirty mins to finish it! lmao.
dam zh, tell me his 'math' class got aircon one.
pls i want too;( hot like shit everyday, cant even
concentrate la. lol.
four more day before i extract my first teeth.
alright, gonna play game awhile* and rest.
anyway THANKS GGERI for the usefull notes!(:

Saturday, 5 January 2008
keep it rocking, 8:04 PM

im back home! finishing batheing and im now
blogging&chatting online(:
so like woke up in the morning. had ma-gee-mee
for breakfirst.& dad drop me and sis at civic.
went standard photo with sis to wash photo! ehehe.
i wash extra one and gave antene. good lei lol.
zh came to meet me there. took wrong bus to
antene hse -.- how stupid.
wasted like one bucks lei. so went back cwp again.
187 to bbp& 960 to bugis(:
went simlim square. after a long searching for my
ds memory card and finally i found it!! 12.70 only! super cheap.
cause its called '' Super bargain shop '' shop looool.
i went like so many shopsS all cheap money one.
& i kept repeat the same thing '' how much? can cheaper abit? ''
dam zh ask me to record it so i no need to talk anymore LOL.
zh said lets leave this place cause its full of liars.
so i added, no its sucker/fuckers/bitches/bastard/idiots LMAO.
ok its was rainning, so we ran across to the other side.
antene run like sissy/gay ROFL. cant stop laughing.
had mac for lunch. took pics like shit:D
forgot to take with antene =S
rewind what i atexxxxx
- cheese waffle = make me wana puke!
- lemon barley.
- mac spicy! super nice.
- shao lin xxl chicken.
- rasberry ice cream.
kay im fat now. im 5x now. lolx.
train to orchard. zh so good lar:D
all the way he help me carry my puma bag ehehe.
went paragon then to toy-r-us while waiting for zh sis.
went toilet and whored =p ignore pls.
i saw this cute little machine and i want play lor.
then got this kid took so long! then sis
called and say dad is coming in minutes,
went separate ways. so walk super fast to fareast.
i alrdy in dad's car when jon called me aww.
next time!(: drop yida at rosewood condo
and home. super tiring man. feel like eye are closing
down the whole day plus with lenes make it worsen! yawns.
so far this three day in school was okok lor.
jamie chia class was fun!:D gary make me laugh
non-stop! with her fats AHAHAHAHA.
&had 2hr pe ytd and now muscle cramp LOL.
kay gonna play game awhile and maybe sleep soon.

Idiot look. lol!

queue super long.

i like this ball!
i hit him with it LOL.

The blogger ...