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Wednesday, 31 October 2007
keep it rocking, 2:45 AM

Hello& Happy halloween! (:
so like meet sis at cwp in the morning,
then waited for bestie and ps at interchange.
went jurong east then to gls building collect sis phone.
train to orchard.
meet wenya out outside taka. lmao.
sitting alone there complainning to me.
*BISH* eh! you still owe me ice cream!
ehehehe(: Had mac for lunch, fillet-o-fish! MuacksS!
after eating, we both flipping all over the newspaper for job. lmao.
meet up bestie and ps at heeren,
went freshimp but dont have the design i want! :C
ask lotss of shop if they need any parttime worker ahaha.
left town around seven.
meet up sis& gang then went to halloween party.
so funnnnn! they gave us so many sweets! so kind of them ehehe.
yida say gonna wear costume next time lmao!
back to bestie housem im dead beat!
jo& friends were like still playing majong even now!
it's going three midnight. lol.
alright, ciao night bye worlddd! <333

Monday, 29 October 2007
keep it rocking, 9:04 PM

ahhhh! boring& tired!
i know i shouldn't be complainting
but it really is.

so like took dad's car then dad drop me off at
bestie house.
accompained bestie and peishan to
yishun for interview but they got people alrdy
so like wasted our transport fee there lar!&
my eZlink not much left! gonna top up soon AGAIN!

Had mac for lunch at yishun or chong pang. w/e lmao.
after that train to orchard.
went fareast, heeren& topshop at wisma.
town is like becoming boring& boring-er so decided to leave.
train to city hall then to suntec city.
the escalator there was like spoiling all the time. -.-

bought xxl chicken& pearl milk tea for high tea. lol.
after that left suntec and took 960
back to woodlands and back to bestie house.
gonna turn in soon!

Saturday, 27 October 2007
keep it rocking, 9:00 PM


Stupid blog stupig blog!
im retyping! grrr.

ytd last day of school, was like boring!
sad i didn't go sakae with them:C
dadd fetch us at about 6plus, so excited.

i kept have this weird feeling that bestie at me
houselike wtf-,- but i dont know how to explaint the feeling. lmao.
but i hope they've enjoy themself so as mummy!

bbq-ed, ate lots of stuff. went play-ground too.
snatching swing ahah. took some photos.
so like we six of us squeezed and slept together in sis room.
have lots of fun[:

went imm with bestie& peishan today.
send sis send her phone to Gls for fixing.
train back to woodlands and home.

mummy brought me to salon and dye-ed hair.ehehehe.
Ahhh! sad, i didn't went to spore's award hit today!:C
59bucks a sit!butyayyyy! sinhuey got best-newcomer award! <3333333
jiayoujiayou![: im like so high today,

aahahasorry if my post is like getting boring& boring-er.

ciao nights.

Thursday, 25 October 2007
keep it rocking, 9:37 PM

Joe- i dont know what you're talking about -.-
wenya- dont be lame. lmao.
vivien- tagged& linked(:
passer-by- thanks.


hello world.

didn't up dated for like ten days alrdy. ahahah
was so lazy larh.
woke up around 11 plus bathe& changed
met up wenya then went woodlands centre
find mummy.
had kfc for breakfirst.
change size for my skinny then
helped jo to ulter her skinny,
bumped into eileen and yuhui, mummy asked me if they're my friend.
i say yarh. she told me so ahlian one. LOL.

train to orchard, went taka for interview.
no off day on weekend! sian, still deciding if i want anot.
had mac for lunch.
didn't eat mac for such a long long time!
left orchard at about5plus then train back to woodlands.
took bus back to bestie house.

mummy's birthday tomorrow! happy birthday in advanced!
ahhh jo,jon&cheachea
coming to my house overnight.
my gawd, i wonder what will happen!
last day of school tomorrow! wooooot!
tomorrow whole school attendence will be like FULL
and all those mia will all come back.lmao.

alright, gtg sleep soon. ciao
goodbye world nights.

Monday, 15 October 2007
keep it rocking, 12:01 AM

hellooo night~

so like woke up late, then waited for slowpoke sis to
get ready and went out.
sry for meeting you guys so late =\
weather was so F! was raining cats and dogs the whole day!
my everlast shoe was drenched! grrrr.
while running to custom.
so like meet up bestie,
train to orchard then

went to fareast, actually wanted to change my cardigan to L size
but suey-ly dont have L! :C
XL so big lar so didn't change.
luckly i didn't went myself yesterday if not i'll be f-king pissed.
had seoul garden for lunch at taka agaain. 3 people only so boring larh zzz.
stayed there almost two hours.
after that noelle and gang came and tag along.
train to city hall.
went to esplande then to suntec.
saw adraino? dont know how to spell lol.
he's better looking now ahahah.
watched a small show at fountian of wealth then went mac had ice cream.
leave there around eight plus,
took 960& back to woodlands and went home with bestie.

school tomorrow, boring!
tired alrdy, zhao! nights[:

Saturday, 13 October 2007
keep it rocking, 12:08 AM

yooohooo~ hari raya(:

so like woke up at about 1030 bathe prepared and went out.
went bestie hse put things,
waiteed for jo to get ready then
took bus tgt to cwp.

met bestie at boot& shoe.
train to sommer-set.
went heeren then to far east.
ass so unlucky cheeks was closed today! because of hari raya=/
so i can't changed my cardigan to L size.
guess i have to go tomorrow again.
had fried rice for lunch at 5th floor.
Yummy! cheap& nice. ehehee.

train to suntec city, walked alot lar.
so whole body was like aching alrdy.
found this fountain then sitted for sometime.
so special lar still got songs and spotlights shinning on it.
so cool[:

went to find jo at hotpot, she's kiasu lar haven open then waited outside LMAO.
so like went to this fountain of wealth?! so damn big.
my first time come so near of it.

train to vivo, had ljs for dinner.
okay after thatwent 1st floor watched this singapore fashion design contest
at8pm. nice& and i saw this black woman keep making
fun of herself behind the stage, she make me can't stop giggling. lmao.

went up to rooftop, slack. i love sea breeze[:
train back to woodlands and back home with bestie.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007
keep it rocking, 2:02 PM

Hellooo world!

so like woke up at 9plus, switch on comp and do somestuff.
dad's ggoing out soon; so i quickly bathe& changed and get into his
car with my cousin. dad drop me off at bestie house and cousin to cwp.

met up wenya& huina at nearest busstop then to cwp tgt.
gary and binni was waiting for us at cwp alrdy, huina treated them
a ice cream each because she's late! lmao.

okay so like mrt-ed to orchard.
went far east, walked around& took lots of pic.
& i finally bought that cardigan that i want! weeeee.

went to cineleisure, took neo print at there.
met up shimei&jiaxin there too.
headed to taka& had soul garden for lunch.
bestie and ps came and visit us. hahaa, took a pic with bestie(:

me and gary keep eating non-stop. lmao.
espically cha siew chicken. grill & grill & grill.
made my own desert& ice cream. ehehehe

spent 3hour in there and left soul at 530. bestie came look for me.
after that went plaza sing tgt, then huina and gang went to meet up huijuan
and byebye to them.

accompained gary to bugis asked ds stuff.
Buss-ed back to woodlands, bestie and peishan playing with ds chatroom. haha.
took lots of photo too(:
send ps back home and went back home with bestie.

Bye world~!

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